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Heya! I'm your friendly neighborhood Larsinny, a demon here to keep you updated on the current debacles going on within the site! Okay, maybe not debacles... Anyway! The Endymion Plot, our Third Main Plot, is underway! We also have our sideplot taking place called Junction! If you're a new member looking to join the new plot, you will want to choose Endymion. However, if you're interested in our sideplot, you may also join that one aswell. The choice is ultimately up to you! The Dungeon Master of the Junction plot is CWIS and the DM of the current Endymion plot is Godai and Grantus.

All templates on the site have been updated, and this also includes the rules aswell. When referring to the rules, please disregard any that say "Old" or "Obsolete" as we are no longer using those rules for the Endymion Plot. Oh, don't be mistaken! I love breaking the rules! But in this case, follow them or erasure!

Be sure to constantly check the update thread for any changes to the boards. You can find it ->Here<-

More to come


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 Endymion City [Plot 3 Mini-Synopsis and Rough Draft Showing]

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PostSubject: Endymion City [Plot 3 Mini-Synopsis and Rough Draft Showing]   Wed Oct 07, 2015 7:03 pm

The Prelude

5 years prior, there was a catastrophe that leveled 1/4 of the Earth and caused Demons to appear... It was named the Eternal Divide, and it was caused by a lone Persona User. After that catastrophe, people became aware of Persona-Users and the Demons that followed. Anyone who had the potential to summon a Persona was marked as a Psyche Terrorist and locked away for "rehabilitation". No one wished to see another "Eternal Divide", or the chaos that would appear soon after it...

In the center of this chaos, a city was created and ran directly by the government. In the promise of protection, the people of this city sacrificed their basic human rights. In their eyes they believe they are being protected, but in reality they are slaves. Of course everyone is not blinded by the government's lies of protection but what could that possibly do except follow along? But even then, can they free the minds of those who are ignorant to see the government military force by the name of "Cadets" are the very Persona-Users they were to fear?

A terrorist was a terrorist... but what truly caused the terror in Endymion City?

There will be a small Prelude before the main plot begins. This will take place five years prior to the main events, and you may use your characters in it. It takes place on the day of the Eternal Divide. You will be allowed three topics. One that takes place in the Morning, Afternoon, and then Night. I will let you know when the time of day changes. During each time period, you may encounter an important NPC to get clues to the story that will develop in the main plot. You may also create social links with your fellow roleplayers, however; not the NPCs. Sorry to say, if your character is going to be a transfer student in the main plot and not the prelude, they will not be there to participate.

"A Thing of Beauty is a Joy For Ever" .. Endymion City

Our city that never sleeps. The City of Endymion is a safe haven to all! Forget that troublesome time and immerse yourself in that quality slice of life you just so adore. The pains of yesterday are lost today, all thanks to our Queen. Endymion is a city ran on a pseudo Theocracy. The one in charge of the Government is a single head by the name of Isla Lamecia. After the Eternal Divide she was the first to take a hold of the situation and became responsible for rebuilding Endymion; who was in the heart of the catastrophe. Once the city was rebuilt, there were immediate laws put into place within the city. Those known as Persona-Users who were not contracted by the Government would be sent to rehabilitation to be "reprogrammed". This facility was no different than brainwashing the innocent to work under the Government's influence.

The next order of business the Queen took care of was to split the large city into a number of districts that all serve a different purpose. Each district was given a leader to run it as they please, as long as they perform the job the Queen had given them. These are the very districts the people live within, and some of these "jobs" given to the heads certainly affect their normal lives. Whether it be tainting the food at the Agriculture Facility in the East Eden District, or using the Media to keep the people ignorant; nothing is beneath them. The citizens of Endymion will never truly be free with these people in power, controlling their lives on strings.

Two sides to every Story

There is a thin balance between the natural and the supernatural within Endymion. Those who lack the potential of Persona only see one half of the city. Though they have knowledge of demons and Persona-Users, normal people cannot see demons or personas clearly. Instead, they see these creatures as distorted shadows of what they'd truly look like: simply monsters without a true form. Those who have awakened to their Persona can see these demons, Shadows, etc clearly.

There are many different types of demons in Endymion, all with their own alliances and story. Some demons work for the government while others do not. Not all demons are evil in nature, as you'll learn once attempting to speak to them through negotiation. Those who wish to join you will even give you their essence so you may form a Mask that allows them to be summoned into combat.

Masks directly correlate to your Persona if you're on the side of Philemon. When you are about to awaken you will learn that demons will attempt to course and corrupt your mind. Normally, this would be successful, however; your Persona acts as a mask to protect your true self from these mental attacks. Whenever you summon your Persona, this Mask will present itself upon your face, and change your appearance to protect you and your true identity from harm. Your appearance for this change will be your "Alternate Outfit' section on your application. Of course those on the Government's side have no need for these masks, so their Personas do not pass these masks onto them to protect their identity and self. Depending on your alignment will determine if you get this Mask or not.

The time of day is very important in Endymion. Though the Day and Afternoon makes the city look just as normal as anywhere else; at night everything seems to change. Certain areas and buildings throughout the City begin to change to what could be compared to labyrinths. These labyrinths hold significant importance to the Government and how they are controlling the city and its people. These altered locations usually hold District heads that control the people from the background of their lives.

Endymion will be holding two sides of one plot that will be run simultaneously. One side for those aligned with the Psyche Terrorists and the others aligned with the Government.

Philemon's side will be fighting for the freedom of the city. Soon after awakening, you will be contacted by a mysterious figure to meet them at night in the Backlight District. If you accept, you will receive directions to a strange facility named the Platinum Playhouse.

The Platinum Playhouse is a hideout for those who would be labeled "Psyche Terrorists" by the Government. It is a place ran by a small demon that goes by the name of Larsinny. At this hideout, it is possible to meet in privacy with your fellow "terrorists" and plan how to free the city and its people from the Government that rules over them. As you continue to go through missions at night to liberate the city, you will learn the truth behind the Government's influence, and what really happened those five years ago during the Eternal Divide. However, once the government learns of your presence, will you still continue to deny them with your lives on the line?

For the side aligned with the Government, you will be working under the Government as a piece of their military forced. You will be cadets of Class Zero, which specializes in the use of supernatural forces, such as Personas, etc. Unlike Psyche Terrorists, the city sees you all as heroes, and as such, your Personas do not protect your identities. You have higher authority than the basic police within Endymion, and have access to the majority of the areas with little restriction. However, being a cadet, you need to keep order within the city. Things have been relatively simple until recently. With a large number of the previous cadets going missing during their patrols, it is obvious someone or something is targeting them. To make things even more strange; dead bodies have been appearing around Endymion. The cause of deaths seem to be supernatural, with strong signs that a psyche terrorist or terrorists are behind it. It will be your job to investigate crime scenes during the day. There is a strong possibility that the crimes have something to do with the Eternal Divide five years ago; however it will be up to you to find out how.

It's important to note that not all Psyche Terrorists are afraid of the Government, and those who work for it. There has been a rise of rumors on the streets of Endymion that there are a number of Psyche Terrorism picking up recently in the city. These terrorists acts are completely unrelated to the antics of the Platinum Playhouse, and are alot more violent instead. It will be your goal to bring these Psyche Terrorists to justice before their tendencies get even more out of hand. The only way you will track them down is through your competence in detective work. You will have to question witnesses at crime scenes and do proper investigating. Once finding the location of a suspect, their dungeon will appear in the night for you to go investigate.

New Mechanics Being Added

Shadow Accel

Shadow Accel is a new technique for dungeon traveling but can also be used outside of battle for high speed movement. When you appoint a leader in the dungeon, the leader can travel through the dungeon themselves. When they're performing the Shadow Accel, instead of moving one square at a time, they will move three spaces at a time. So if you can only move six squares on normal, you'd be able to move 18 spaces in Shadow Accel. You will still need to write the appropriate number of words like normal. When you are in this state, any enemy you come across will automatically have the first move vs you in combat, however it allows for a faster traversal through dungeons. When encountering an enemy, the rest of your team will join you in combat even though you're the only one traveling in the dungeon. For each post, you must choose whether to Shadow Accel or post a regular way. However, you can not mix and match the travel types. Just keep in mind of your surroundings and the chance of an ambush when you're traveling this way. You can still do this technique when you're alone in a dungeon aswell. *Sukukaja does not work for this technique* Outside of battle, Shadow Accel can be used to dodge bullets in short bursts.

Soul Skill Name: Shadow Accel
Persona Name: N/A
Tier: Tier 1
Cost: 15 sp
Type of Damage: N/A
Description: A high speed movement that allows the user to move at high speeds in short bursts. Out side of dungeon traversal, the movement distance is from 0 - 5 meters.

Forging Masks

A Persona is another mask one wears to face the hardships in their lives. Taking that basic concept, the Velvet Room has obtained a new function of forging Masks for users to use during their journey. The main ingredient to forging these Masks are cards that are obtainable by negotiating with demons. When enough cards are obtained, a Mask can be forged for a User to wear. When wearing this Mask, you get the ability to summon the Persona the mask represents along side of your own. It will act as a supplementary Persona, coming with a potential boost to stats and more skills to be used. With these Masks, you do not only have your own Persona, but a second one, so you may be versatile for any situation. However, the stronger the Mask, the more cards that will be needed to forge it. You can find a list of available Masks under the Velvet Room. To forge a Mask it does cost VC, but you will find them necessary to complete your goals. However, once you start a mission or traversing a dungeon, you cannot switch your Mask. You can only bring in one Mask per thread, so be sure to make the right choice.

Just like your regular Persona, Masks gain experience and level up to learn new skills. Once maxing your Mask, you may perform a Sacrificial Fusion held by Igor. Igor will take the core essence of your Mask and fuse it with your currently equipped Persona. This will allow you to take a skill from the Mask and replace a current skill on your Persona. However, the Mask's level must be maxed for this to occur. Once the Mask is used in a fusion, it is lost and must be re-forged or purchased from your compendium.

As the Wild Card already has many masks they can wear, they can not utilize these masks as well as the other classes. Thus, these Masks are virtually useless for them and gives them no benefits. However with the Wild Card's ability to wield many Personas and change whenever they'd like, they will soon find they are quite capable without the ability of wearing these special Masks. **Masks CANNOT be given to other players. Masks forged for you can only be used by you.**


Unlike previous plots, this plot has Pre-Set Evokers that must be added to your app depending on the class. Nyarlathotep Children/NWC, Velvet Attendants, The Forgotten, Shadow Selves, and Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapons do not need to worry about this. However, classes that use a an Evoker, such as PWC, Persona-Users, Rogues, ETC will need to follow this rule.

Your Evokers for this plot will be mental shackles that appear upon your wrists. When summoning your Personas, these mental chains will appear, and you will physically shatter them to release your inner self upon the battlefield. It's up to you how you'd like to destroy the chains. However, there must be some semblance of you breaking free from the chains to summon your inner self. No exceptions.

Social Qualities

Social Qualities - Social Qualities are skills that can be gained through roleplay that can further express your character's role in society. Each plot will have their own specific qualities your character can work towards to becoming an extraordinary person compared to the rest. These are not to be confused with character strengths, as these can be built upon as the plot goes on. All characters start at the base level in these qualities and must work to bring them up to a higher level. All traits max at level 5, and work off their own points list. Some social events or even links with NPCs may require you to have a certain social trait to a certain level.

Endymion Plot Social Qualities:

Expres​sion(Charisma/Deception) - This Quality is used to help either convince, or deceive those around you. As a cadet or terrorist, you're going to come across alot of different types of peoples and demons. With high charisma, you'd have a better chance ot convince Demons to join your cause, or even get other humans to support your cause in general. With high deception you may also be able to trick others into doing plights for you, or talking your way out of trouble. These are just bare pluses that can come with a quality such as this.

Rank 1 - (0-14 pts) - Plain
Rank 2 - (15-29 pts) - Unpolished
Rank 3 - (30-44 pts) - Confident
Rank 4 - (45-64 pts) - Smooth
Rank 5 - (65-79+ pts) - Charismatic/Deceptive

Understanding (Hot-Wiring/Pick-Pocketing/Lock-picking) - This Quality is used to help on the field. Locked doors, guards needing to be pick pocketed, or even stealing vehicles come with ease for this class. Helps those understand the mechanics of hardware and sometimes even people or demons.

Rank 1 - (0-14 pts) - Basic
Rank 2 - (15-39 pts) - Oddly
Rank 3 - (40-79 pts) - Kindly
Rank 4 - (80-139 pts) - Generously
Rank 5 - (140+ pts) - Saintly

Intelligence (Hacking/Creating/Dismantling Robotic instruments) - This Quality is used specifically towards technology. The higher the level the easier it is for one to hack into machinery, cameras, databases, etc; and dismantle or create robotic instruments such as droids to more complex creations.

Rank 1 (0-19 pts) - Slacker
Rank 2 (20-79 pts) - Average
Rank 3 (80-139 pts) - Above Average
Rank 4 (140-199 pts) - Smart
Rank 5 (200-259 pts) - Genius

Courage - This Quality is used specifically to talk to NPCs, Demons, etc that have an overwhelming presence that keep many away. It can also be used to take dangerous shortcuts through dungeons and on the field that may be deemed suicidal unless one is brave enough to take the plunge. There are many other instances where courage will apply, and it may be a quality work pitching into.

Rank 1 - (0-14 pts) - Timid
Rank 2 - (15-29 pts) - Ordinary
Rank 3 - (30-44 pts) - Determined
Rank 4 - (45-64 pts) - Tough
Rank 5 - (65+ pts) - Badass

Ranking up your Social Qualities:

There will be various ares in the city that allows one to rank up their social qualities, such as Fishing or practicing in the Dojo in the Little Tokyo District. There are also plot events that will allow a large number of social quality points to add up if you choose the correct option at the time. You should also be out on the lookout for NPCs that can tutor your character for a fee, and up a specific quality you're looking to expand on.

New Combat Phase

PvSB : Player vs Special Boss

In Player vs Special Boss phases, they will follow the same battle system as PvS with a few changes. These bosses will usually be plot bosses, but can also be bosses found in side missions aswell. Each boss in this phase will have a main stat section. However, they will also have other stats sections that fall under this that may correspond to different parts of its body. The health for these different body parts will total up to the main sections health, showing it's all falling under one initial stat. However, each of these sections may have their own defenses, weaknesses, and properties. Sometimes taking out one of these areas first will make the boss much weaker or stronger. Make sure to use support skills to learn how to counter such a threat. As long as you scan the main entity, the others will reveal themselves aswell. There is an example below.


Boss Left Arm:

Boss Right Arm:

Boss Left Leg:

Boss Right Leg:



For the Endymion plot there are specific ways to awaken depending on your character class. You will no longer face yourself like the Persona 4 awakening, but you will still face your Shadow during your Prime Awakening (If you're with Philemon) so don't worry about that.

Persona Users will awaken in the form of "Breaking Free" from society's standards in Endymion. As they progress before their awakening, they will begin to see the corruptness of the city, and of the Government that runs over it. Even before unlocking their true potential, they will be able to see some demons clearly, even though they appear like ghostly espers, and will begin to find themselves attuned to the supernatural side of the world. As they begin to unlock their potential, this will make them a target for demons that work with the government. They will attempt to force their way into ones mind, giving them false hope and causing the user to become mentally stressed. If successful (A Shadow Self Awakening), the person will become possessed by their Shadow and lose themselves completely.

However, for a Persona User, though close to losing themselves to their other self (hence your yellow eyes during your awakening), your Persona will surface and protect you from their temptation by "Masking" off your presence from them. This will be your first battle, and will act as your tutorial battle if you're not used to combat as of yet. Once you awaken to your Persona, you will be able to see other Personas, Shadows, and Demons clearly. You will also be able to see the true form of the world at night, as some places change in appearance to those who hold the potential.

When you're a Nyarlathotep Child, your awakening isn't as life threatening. Those who show true promise in the Seven Stars Academy will be allowed audience with the Queen. She will grant you power if one swears allegiance to the government, and will place you in the Class 0 of Cadets at the Academy. Once receiving your Tainted Persona, you will have a test battle to determine just how high you rank amongst your comrades. Just like Persona Users, you will be able to see the world differently after awakening to your potential. Though unlike Persona-Users who are seen as a menace, you are hailed as a hero and can freely use your Persona without being persecuted on the streets.

Awakenings for other classes remain relatively the same. However, there will also be tutorial fights aswell to give you a feel of combat.

**Personas can only be used at night when the supernatural activity is at its highest.

**The first three skills that come unlocked with your other self will now give you starting stats for all three of the rank ups. You may add these points to your stats the moment you awaken

Custom Dungeons per Labyrinth

Agriculture Facility

Grey spaces - Basement level. If you see a white S on one of these spaces, it can be used as a staircase to go down or up. You need a courage level of rank 3 to brave the dark abyss and what works beneath.

Black spaces - Locked doors. Can be unlocked with an understanding quality of rank 3.

Red Stars - These are demons that are patrolling the area. They are aligned to the government however, can be swayed during negotiation when encountered. They will see you within 4 spaces unless you land upon a QAS space.

Orange Star - The District Head and Boss of the Dungeon. This is your objective and your mission will be to remove this person from power.

Blue Highlight - The Entrance to the dungeon, where you will start.

Purple Highlight - A QAS area where you can make a decision on what you'd like to do. Depending on the area will determine the QAS. However, your choice will determine how easy the dungeon may turn out to be.

Green Star - Treasure boxes that will be revealed with Treasure Radar.

Boulders - Uhh run..?

Compass - Displays hidden traps

Dungeon Difficulty - Medium

Job System

Working a Part Time/ Full Time Job:

In Endymion there are plenty of places to work if you're looking to make some money on the side. However, you will have to sacrifice a time of your day to do this, whether it be Day, Afternoon, or Night. When you make a topic where you're working, you will put the topic title as your character's name and then [Working] at the end of it. Depending on the clock will determine what time of day you're doing this in. You will not be able to participate in events or social linking in that time of day if you choose to work.

How to make Money:

When you're working, think of your words transferring over as currency. For example: Let's say you work on the ranch. In the topic, you will basically type out a self roleplay of you working on the job. If you type 1000 words you get 1000 VC, and so on. You have up to 5000 VC you can earn this way if you're willing to spend the time to do it.

Splitting the Bill:

You are able to work with others to reach this word count if you'd like. However, the over all VC received will be split evenly among you all who participated. It's an easier way to get cash if you're low, you'll just need to sacrifice some time to do it.

Plus more to be released, including a new hidden Character Class, Templates and Persona rank up requirements...

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Endymion City [Plot 3 Mini-Synopsis and Rough Draft Showing]
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