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 The World that May Be [Reality 4 - Tomoe's Side]

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PostSubject: The World that May Be [Reality 4 - Tomoe's Side]   Thu Aug 20, 2015 3:13 pm

The cave was black and the only source of light would be the small crystals that lined the walls. Laying in the center of the cave would be Tomoe, still stuck in her dreaming state thanks to the situation going on through her subconscious. She had appeared out in the plains when she initially arrived in this reality, but was taken to this cave as a sort of safe haven by two mysterious demon summoners.

Tomoe was still unconscious and would show no signs of pulling herself together yet. However, two figures stood over her and seemed to be having a conversation. One was obviously a female with long blonde hair and keen eyes to match. She had her arms crossed and seemed to be fussing over something regarding the situation. And even though Tomoe was unconscious, she could still take in the information somehow or another. Almost as if she were in a sleep paralysis.

"I don't get why we have to work with that guy. All this talk about other worlds is annoying. Wasn't the original mission to unite through a common enemy? Now it's like we're causing things to get worse. Do you think this is really what our parents wanted?"

The young female seemed rather taken back at the situation before them. Standing infront of her would be a young man with a stern face. He didn't seem to pleased at the circumstance either.

"Well, the Man had proof he was from another world. And he seemed to know our parents when they were in their prime. Both of our Fathers played the role of saviors, so it should be our job to continue where they left off, right? Succeed where they failed."

The two continued their conversation, though their words began to get blurred out for Tomoe, once she'd begin to lose any form of herself again. For some reason, it was taking longer to reclaim her body than one would think. Perhaps because the other who had control of it was not willing to relinquish it as of yet. Regardless, for the time being, she was safe. There was no doubt that she'd return to full control soon. She just needed abit more rest.

Whoever the mysterious two were would begin to leave the cave. Their destination was unknown, but there was a small hint. Something that seemed to tinge in her mind when they said it. Something about a meeting at "The Abandoned Yachiru Tower."

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PostSubject: Re: The World that May Be [Reality 4 - Tomoe's Side]   Thu Aug 20, 2015 10:38 pm

Darkness was the next feeling that Tomoe felt after leaving the room, as though she were fading in and out of sleep, though still under the arms of slumber. She couldn't exactly do much in this state, but she could hear voices going on around her. It was a man and a woman if she was correct, talking about other worlds, a subject that brought up some tingles in her brain, thinking about another thing they mentioned. The Abandoned Yachiru Tower huh? She couldn't think much of it since all she was hearing was getting drowned out by the darkness again, but it certainly crossed various synapses in her head. She wanted to wake up at this point, after what had happened from before. It almost felt as though she were fighting someone for control over her again. What happened while she was out of commission?
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PostSubject: Re: The World that May Be [Reality 4 - Tomoe's Side]   Sun Aug 30, 2015 5:23 pm

"You've been sleeping for awhile now. Don't you think it's time to wake up, Onee-chan?" A familiar voice could be heard by Tomoe, however it seemed to be coming from behind her. No matter how many times she'd try to move her body to look, she wouldn't be able too. However, the voice was rather comforting than dangerous. "It's time to wake up or your friends are going to be in trouble. They're the only thing linking you to this world right now. If you lose them, you're going to end up like me. You wouldn't want that right. So sit up and get going." Almost as if the words took control of her body, Tomoe would feel as light as a feather. Completely contrasting what she felt previously when she was stuck in her dream like state. Now it seemed she had full control of her body.

The cave was filled with light coming from the entrance. It held wooden tables, chairs, and a board that had the map of the area. The cave was located just north of Shibakuzoi and was in the perfect distance of both the Azure and the Crimson flags.
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PostSubject: Re: The World that May Be [Reality 4 - Tomoe's Side]   Mon Aug 31, 2015 8:12 pm

Of course she recognized that voice. She wanted so desperately to talk to him and say something. She wanted to ask him how he was doing, but alas she could not respond until his voice left her. He was there when Tomoe lost sense of herself. She lifted her head to turn around, though found no young man. She eyed the areas in the cave for any particular details, then made her way to the map she saw on the table. She recalled some small words about what the couple were talking about from before, and decided to look on the map at the two flags that seemed to look like two bases. However, if she were to go anywhere, maybe she shouldn't waste her time by checking both places. With that in mind, she'd look on the map for anything that resembled the location of The Abandoned Yachiru Tower. There was no point leaving until she had any idea of where she was going, and right now, that tower, with that poisonous name that had plagued this world that she had somehow found herself in was her only lead. This map was somewhat similar to what she knew about Shibakuzoi, so if she just kept that in mind, then it shouldn't be hard to locate.
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PostSubject: Re: The World that May Be [Reality 4 - Tomoe's Side]   

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The World that May Be [Reality 4 - Tomoe's Side]
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