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 Heaven Clouds' Gathering [Sharaku]

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PostSubject: Re: Heaven Clouds' Gathering [Sharaku]   Tue Aug 25, 2015 12:20 pm

Hm. Sharaku would just shrug slightly. He honestly didn't know whether normal people were supposed to have any special attributes or not. It wasn't like he could tell or anything. That, and he wasn't going to make any sense of what she was saying either way. He wasn't there, so he could hardly guess what was the point of said people hanging around the school. In all honesty, he barely knew anything about the school to begin with. The only time he ever came close was during the Israfel venture. That was all. Although, he would look at her a bit quizzically. ''Light?'' That was a bit random for a beginning of a sentence.

He would scratch at his cheek in thought. ''Maybe. But it's still questional. He does claim to know the situation, but there is no guarantee to anything he says. He may have gotten twisted information somehow. I just prefer to wait to pass final judgement, that's all. Although, I agree that innocent people shouldn't be forced into such danger...'', he would frown slightly with a low laugh. ''On the other hand, if it weren't for the people who do things such as that, I wouldn't even be here as I am.'' Would that be good or bad? There was no way to really tell. He wouldn't really comment on the next part. Trust was hard to define. Sometimes, it was about that, sometimes he was simply neutral towards a person, with no particular inclination to trust nor suspect them. ''What exactly falls under the survivors? Those that fought with powers and lived, or also every person that did not die regardless of whether they even knew of what was truly going on? That aside depends. Yes, the world we have now is corrupted in its own way, but if we completely wipe it we will also erase all the good things we used to have. Is it worth it? People have worked to get this far for long. And there is little guarantee that the new resetted world will not eventually end up similar to the one we have now. Not all people have to accept changing. There will always be some chaos present. What the world is depends on the people living in it. If we happened to fail to cooperate on anything solid, the new world could end up even worse. Both options may have some appeal, but I'd probably lean towards the former one right now.'' Reseting the world alone did not mean it would be any better for real. And they would lose both the bad and good sides of what they've accomplished over the existence of humanity up till now. That was a lot to simply throw away in the slim hope that the new would truly work out so well that it would prove to outweigh the losses.

He would snort a bit. ''Yes, he does indeed talk big. He says one should meddle with humans, therefore everything supernatural has to go. And I guess he'd prefer to simply wipe them out.'' Which sounded rather simpleminded. Different species shouldn't really be assumed as an enemy for the wrong reasons. Maybe there could be a way for some peace. No one would be happy if someone suddenly claimed that humanity should cease to exist because they think it's a bad influence on them, no? ''Well, I personally don't aim to kill the Angels. Regardless of the fact that I disagree with their ways.'' That was unfair.

''The bickering is stupid yes. But it is a fact that even if we join forces for a while...the alignments would most likely remain, yes? In the end we would have to settle the problem of people having different ideas either way. Which does not help the case.'' If people who joined other Angels were actually adamant in their view, it might come down to a scruffle regardless. Sooner or later. Unless they found a way to destroy the Event itself, making Wishes from the Angels null. ''Yes I did. He isn't doing this alone, apparently.'' Not that he knew why Rinna chose to join that guy at all. She seemed to trust his judgement quite a lot for whatever reason.

He would frown. Invisibility? That wasn't good. ''That sort of means we're stuck. You can't keep your weapon in front of you all day. And I assume we have no way of telling whether someone is around if they are indeed invisible. What can you really do? Being paranoid won't solve the problem...'' It was bad, yes, but...there was no way? Not a conventional one, at least. Unless there was some ability that allowed to see a person like that. Yet, that would mean everyone needed to learn one. Probably not happening.


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PostSubject: Re: Heaven Clouds' Gathering [Sharaku]   Fri Aug 28, 2015 11:37 am

The brunette seemed to almost droop now, shaking her head as her eyes fluttered... well, that was about enough of that. She needed to sleep soon, so the mission this afternoon wasn't blown because she was to tired to actually function. "Your weakness. My power allows me to know what people's weaknesses are with their supernatural other, that's what I mean." Shion hoisted her head on her hand, leaning against the table sleepily. She seemed to be listening, at least, her face changing expressions as Sharaku talked, but being so tired, there wasn't much else she could say anymore...

"I guess that's right... resetting the world would just be a hassle for those who are alive right now, and doesn't accomplish much more in the end, just... a new slate to paint on." She sighed, though, not knowing what else to say... she continued listening, drooping more and more as Sharaku spoke of Simon and such... "I... I'm sorry, Sharaku, I don't think I can stay up much longer... I get what you're saying, I understand and heard it but... right now, I just can't respond at all... I'm at my limit, I guess." Shion smiled wryly, looking at Sharaku. After that whole talk, she seemed to be... forcing it, almost, only being able to manage that out of this whole thing. She really heard everything, and understood it, even, her mind just... couldn't formulate a response to it all right now, or do anything to it but store it for later. It was just reactions...

"Sorry, I really should get to bed... I'm pretty sure I get what you're saying... being paranoid won't help anyone in the end. But being careful should still be good... I don't even know some things I say in this state. I'm glad we talked, though... And again, sorry I couldn't pay more attention, I called you here too early, that's my fault. I'm gonna go back to bed, alright? But yeah, I'll leave you with the note for Angel, I'll keep the name list for myself." Slowly reaching for it, the brunette grabbed the creased paper, folding it neatly in half before putting it in her shorts' pocket. Afterwards, she'd get up, also taking the ID Card and letting her sword vanish. "I hope this wasn't a waste of time for you, Sharaku, thanks for coming here. When I call you next, I promise it'll be at a sensible time." Shion would wait for a little bit for a response, but then remind herself.

"Oh, by the way, in public... call me Shion. Shion Kusanagi. A disguise won't work if people just call you the same name they used to, after all." With a chuckle, she turned around, rubbing her eyes with one hand. "See ya later, Sharaku and... again, for the fifth or such time... sorry." Taking just a second to wait for a response, the brunette walked back behind the counter and upstairs, guiding herself using things around her as she wobbled back.



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PostSubject: Re: Heaven Clouds' Gathering [Sharaku]   Fri Aug 28, 2015 4:37 pm

Well, he had little to say in response to all that. There was no point in saying something when the other side was almost sleeping on him. He was a bit annoyed, however. He didn't particularly care about the fact that she made him spend time here and come early. He couldn't care less about that. But what exactly was she thinking? For all intents and purposes, there was no reason for her to set up a meeting now if she was too tired to even go through it until the end. Plus, planning a visit to another world on the same day. After being up all the night. Seriously? That is not even good for your health. It's not like the world would fall apart if, waited until tomorrow to go train with her girlfriend. Nor was he about to go run to Angel and deliver the paper right now. He had more things than that in mind. So he couldn't exactly spend all his time running around on other people's beck and call. The two of them may have similar goals, but he had his own plans too.

Regardless, point was that she was overdoing it. When you're tired, sleep, not call for meetings and already set up for fighting only a few hours later in the day. They needed to move and solve this, yes, but not wreck their own well-being in process. He was sure things could wait for a day longer, at least, if she wasn't willing to put them away too far. He remembered that she had told him he better be awake enough on the way to Malstu back then. Or something along those lines. And now she was going around paying her state little mind, apparently. If you're this tired, you need enough rest, not giving yourself a limited period again, just so you can go fight Shadows on the same day. He didn't see the point. Nor did he believe going with her girlfriend to fight in Penecia was so important she needed to do it right away. It wouldn't run away.

He would nod when needed however, so she knew he was paying heed to what she was telling him, even if there was no actual point in talking back. When everything was said and done, he would make his way to leave, stopping momentarily at the door to look back to where she wobbled off, muttering under his breath. ''Foolish....''



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PostSubject: Re: Heaven Clouds' Gathering [Sharaku]   Fri Aug 28, 2015 5:58 pm

Sharaku and Shion's relationship may get stronger soon...


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PostSubject: Re: Heaven Clouds' Gathering [Sharaku]   

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Heaven Clouds' Gathering [Sharaku]
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