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 Row Based PvS (General Mechanics)

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Subdual Unit Jerry


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PostSubject: Row Based PvS (General Mechanics)   Wed Jul 08, 2015 8:20 am

- Row Based PvS -

Row-Based PvS is another battle system akin to that of Dynamic PvS and PvP. But it's more similiar to regular PvS in most aspects, bringing in it's own set of mechanics.

The Two Rows
Here's the biggest mechanic of R-PvS. Each side is split into two rows. (The Front and Back Rows). AoE moves now target 1 row rather than all enemies. Double Hitting moves like Kill Rush and Tempest Slash can choose to hit 2 enemies once instead of 1 enemy twice. If it's AoE the same applies to an entire Row. Simple Right? So, what's the purpose of each Row then? In the Front row, you deal 30% more damage and you take 15% more damage, unless you have a Row Strength which makes you more effective in a specific row. The Back Row decreases the damage you take by 30%, but you also deal 15% less Damage unless you have a strength that improves your performance in the back row. Remember if you take a Strength that improves Performance in one row, you have to take Weakness that lowers your performance in the other row. You can trade places with another party member in the other row as your turn. Doing this is counted as Guarding, meaning that you'll recover 10% of your max SP.

Dexterity Range
When making your soulbound weapon, make sure to add it's effective range in R-PvS. There's close range (Gauntlets, blades, axes etc), mid range (pole arms, spears etc), and long range (Projectile weapons). Close ranged weapons reach 1 row without penalty (1 row reach allows one in the front row to hit someone in the opposite front row). Mid range allows one to hit 2 rows ahead without penalty (If you're in the back row, you hit one enemy in the front row without penalty, and if you're in the front row, you  hit one enemy in the backrow without penalty). Long range can hit either row however they please, but only if they are in the back row. The penalty is a 25% loss of accuracy.

Switching Weapons
Another feature which I haven't touched upon yet is switching weapons using the Social Link Boon - Souls Unite or switching to weapon in your possession that you have aquired through the use of a Nihil Soul or other means. When Switching Weapons, you take up your turn doing so, unless you have a strength that allows you to act in the same turn you switch weapons. Since there are three different damage types and ranges, this gives you a degree of versitility which is extremely beneficial in Row Based Combat.

Weakness and Critical Hits
When you strike an enemy's weakness or Knock them down with a crit, your next Skill you cast will have a Cost of 0. This is what we call a Boosted State. If you successfully knock another enemy down while in a boosted state, you'll form a Boost Chain. For each link in this chain you make, your skills will go up half a tier (25%) in damage. Note that you can't hit the same enemy twice, or else your Chain will break. Orgia Mode and Neo Orgia mode gives all your stats a 15% boost and you get to move twice per turn (Neo Orgia also increases the damage boost gained from Boost links by an extra 10%). Note that enemies cannot boost link, but they can still enter a boosted state, so be careful.

When all the enemies in a Specific row dies, the other surviving row will have the Penalties and boosts from being in a specific row removed. So normal damage calculation applies.

When it comes to the Row based buffs and debuffs, they are calced before any eventual Resistances. Say that I'm using Garula on an enemy in the front row, while I'm in the front row. Garula is a tier two skill, meaning that it deals your PmStr + 50%. Now, since I'm in the Front Row, that Tier two boost goes from 50% to 80%. so, to simplify things. I have a PmStr of 100 in the above scenario. So I do 100 + 80%, which is 180 Damage. Conversely. If I'm in the Back Row, I deal 100 + 35% = 135. That's the damage calculation without taking lowered damage or taking raised damage from being in a specific row.

If I'm in the front row, and I take, said garula to the face, I take the row penalty first, and then calculate Resistance. So if I have a MEnd of 25%, I take 180 + 15% which is 207. Then Proceed with Calculating Resistance. so in this scenario, I would take 155 Damage if I was in the front row. If I was in the Back Row, I would take 94 damage instead of the 155 I would've taken in the front row. If these values seem high, it's because I used a high PmStr for this example.

One Final thing of note about Light and Dark skills. If you use a Hama, or Mudo skill, you decrease it's success rate by 10% for each row there is between you and your target. So, if I'm in the Back Row, and wish to use Mahamaon on the opposing Front Row, the success chance is 40% - 10% = 30% hit rate. If I wanna hit the Back Row While in the back row, that's another 10% decrease (-10% for the allied front row, and -10% for the opposing front row).

Now, if you're countered, or an attack is reflected back onto you, the damage calculation is a bit different. You apply the row Damage reduction/increase of the row that you are currently in. So, if this Garula is reflected back to me while I'm in the front row, I take 15% more damage, and if I'm in the back row, I take 30% Less. Light and Dark Skills Work a bit differently here too. The success rate if they are reflected Remains the same as it was on your target.

Row Based Buffs and Debuffs:
This is specifically for the AoE Buff and Debuff Spells. They only affect one row, however, you can pick which row you cast it on. This is here to make Enhancing spells less... Brainless, if you know what I mean. Instead of a buffing spell buffing everyone in your party, it's used to selectively buff members of the party that can utilize it the best. Or the Debuff spells used to make a tougher row easier to take out, and such. Rebellion, Revolution and Stagnant Air affect three rows. One in front of you, your own row, and one of the opposing row. Less punishing than in PvS, but at the same time, it makes them a bit more usable, as crits are important if you want to start a boost-link without having an enemy's Weakness. Stagnant Air on the other hand, is more risky to use... Not that it was widely used to begin with...

Boost Linking Rewards:
For each boost Link you get, any rewards you get from shuffle time after the battle is over will increase by a set amount.

Any Vc you get from a battle will increase by 10% for each Boost Link you make.

The HP and SP Recovery increases by 5% for each link.

Random Stat Boost does not change

For every 2 Boost Links you make in a row, you get 1 Extra ore, should you get the Ore Reward.

Just as a Side note: You gain 15 EXP For each Boost Link you made in one battle. If you manage to hold a Boost Chain for an entire battle without breaking it, the EXP you gain from the links in said Boost Chain is doubled.

Tactical Supports:
Tactical Supports play a much larger role in Row Based PvS. Since  a Pure Tactical Support can't reap the benefits from Boost Links, they instead start each dungeon/Mission with 5 AP (Ability Points).You can use AP as a way to go around large SP costs. If there's a Tactical Skill that you wanna use with AP, you pay AP equal to it's tier. You regain 1 AP after each battle you partake in.

When it comes to Application creation in plots that are confirmed to use this system, you should specify on the sheet which row the character works best in, to avoid unnecessary stalling before battles.  

Team composition is a vital part in this, and battles may require a bit more thinking. Should be worth noting that R-PvS battles yield better rewards if you do well.

Should be worth noting that some enemies may have a tactical support with them as well...

That's all for now. Mechanics may be added, removed or changed with time. I hope you all have fun exploring this new way to fight Shadows. I will use this in the GM Practice dungeons from time to time in the future. It's not that common in those missions though, and are (as of now) something I'm just testing out for fun. Enjoy.

~ Jerry-kun


Last edited by Jerry-kun on Fri Sep 25, 2015 4:44 am; edited 8 times in total (Reason for editing : Buffs, Debuffs and Row-Placement in Applications)
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PostSubject: Re: Row Based PvS (General Mechanics)   Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:30 am

We can assume this is either old school persona way of fighting or perhaps this is Persona Q. I am leaning towards the latter of the two. In any case, looks interesting enough, so feel free to try it on us sometimes.

~ Test Subject Deshi
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PostSubject: Re: Row Based PvS (General Mechanics)   Wed Jul 08, 2015 12:36 pm

Signing Apple up for this. Fear the Child of Fear-desu~.


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PostSubject: Re: Row Based PvS (General Mechanics)   Wed Jul 08, 2015 12:38 pm

Signing up Rei for this as a smasher of things.


Information Box:
Full Image of Akumu: Here
Character's Arcana: Hierophant
Character's Social Links: Here
Character's Compendium: Here
Other Character's Played by Deshitana: Hyacintha Rose and Oki Akumura
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PostSubject: Re: Row Based PvS (General Mechanics)   Wed Jul 08, 2015 12:46 pm

Alright signed up with Akira
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PostSubject: Re: Row Based PvS (General Mechanics)   Wed Jul 08, 2015 2:54 pm

So what, we have to sign up here? That's like bananas! I already signed up there!!!

But eh, you'll get my sheet when my position is decided


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PostSubject: Re: Row Based PvS (General Mechanics)   Wed Jul 08, 2015 3:50 pm

I will hesitantly sign up. Jus cus I will back out if anyone else wants a spot.


The Information of Love and Fate!

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PostSubject: Re: Row Based PvS (General Mechanics)   Wed Jul 08, 2015 4:25 pm

I'll Definently Sign Up ^_^. Gonna get my app and everything when I've worked it out
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Subdual Unit Jerry


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PostSubject: Re: Row Based PvS (General Mechanics)   Wed Jul 08, 2015 6:17 pm

Looks like we have our team assembled! Alright. The mission will start in the interdimensional colisseum once The first GM practice thread is done


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Subdual Unit Jerry


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PostSubject: Re: Row Based PvS (General Mechanics)   Thu Aug 13, 2015 5:43 am

Heads up. A new test battle will be held instead. I just want to make sure everything works. It's open to three people. Other than that, the same rules apply.

If you do choose to sign up, I would like you to be as quick as possible with any replies. I don't wish for any testing to take forever and a day to complete. Once I have my three participants, I'll start up the thread somewhere.

~ Jerry


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PostSubject: Re: Row Based PvS (General Mechanics)   

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Row Based PvS (General Mechanics)
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