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 Strengthening the deal (Phalanx and Gran-Chan)

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PostSubject: Re: Strengthening the deal (Phalanx and Gran-Chan)   Sat Sep 19, 2015 8:02 pm

Theda jumped off Phal's head, running forward with the burst of speed from her technique. Her little body moved through the dungeon towards the exit. "Alright guys the exit is just ahead! I'll see you guys on the other side, in the meantime I'll scout for other shadows to make sure you guys don't get caught up!" She'd jump a bit, moving quickly while she took in the area a bit. She had been there for awhile but she still hadn't looked at anything or noticed how the place looked at all. Maybe she was just distracted by the light, but she was glad that she had gone. If not, she probably wouldn't be this strong at all. Plus she had joined an angel, which was something she planned on doing, if joining Thesis didn't work out in the end. All she had to do was kill the other angels and she could end the run of humanity and make sure everything worked out in the end. Sure, she had a lot of work ahead of her, and she defiantly wanted to take out people who could stand in her way, but all in due time. First she had to leave this place and go outside, she was feeling tired anyways and needed to rest.

Upon reaching close to the exit, she noticed that there were no shadows present, which was good for the others cause they wouldn't be held up by another pointless battle. Theda knew she could kill any shadows in her way at the moment, but didn't want to risk using up more energy and feeling way more tired than she had to. "Okay guys! Coast is clear! I'll see you on the other side to make sure you get home okay!" She laughed a bit, moving into the block they had entered awhile ago. It was strange, this run seemed to last for a very long time but it had only been at least two hours. It was all just made her want to go to sleep so she'd be ready to track down prey. Though she probably wouldn't be waiting to feel fully rested and start watching her prey as well as she could and then crush them under the ice she can create. The only thing left was to find a stupid persona user and get them into this world to trap them and snap their necks. Looking at the entrance, she'd take a running start, jumping into it and exiting the dungeon.



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PostSubject: Re: Strengthening the deal (Phalanx and Gran-Chan)   Sun Sep 20, 2015 1:07 pm

Sky would continue to follow the trio quietly not having much else to say after the brief conversation. As she followed along, her mind would remain in a fog of sleepiness. Perhaps that blessing had taken more out of her than she had thought or perhaps it was simply the battles that had occurred before hand that had done this. Whatever the case was, Sky was moving on auto pilot at this point, her feet carrying her over uneven ground and over broken bodies that may have laid in the path. She moved onward her eyes focused on nothing in particular as her body continued to carry her closer to the exit.

The only time she had responded to anything was when Theda had mentioned they were close to the exit. To these words she would look up quietly to scan the area, seeing that what was being said was indeed true. They were getting close to the exit, so that was a plus, but that did not give her an energy boost or the ability to run to keep up with her fast ally. Still, she would give a light nod before lowering her eyes once more and continuing forward until finally with a sway and shift she was exiting the world and coming back out into the bright light of the other side.

Shielding her eyes, she would pause a moment to let her eyes adjust taking note that the strange fog within only got heavier. She would shake it off as much as she could taking note that her clothing and such had reverted back to normal and her hair was red once more. Was that other form, strictly for the other side then? Was that the result of being blessed?

The red head didn’t know as she looked over at Theda and Phalanx. She would take steady strides towards them before passing by them and taking a few steps forward. She would pause to look around the area for a moment before finally speaking.

“Good job back there. I hope in the future things will continue to go as smoothly as back there; however, for now I think we all should chill and gather our strength. Theda,” she would turn slightly and look over her shoulder locking blue eyes on the girl.

“Let me escort you home in thanks for your help. Where do you live?” she would ask in calm, yet gentle tones. Apparently, she had gained some appreciation for the girl after the event.



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PostSubject: Re: Strengthening the deal (Phalanx and Gran-Chan)   Mon Sep 21, 2015 2:51 pm

...? Oh... This was a bit unexpected. With a slight sigh, Phalanx walked slowly behind his cohorts... Or former comrades, as it were. Someone spoke to him, cleared his mind of any doubts he may have had... Aether dissapeared from his mind as Neptune returned once again... All he had to do now was getting back safely. After all, things were starting to become a bit shaky over here. The war over in the distance seemed to intensify, but to Phalanx, all the background noise was muffled, as he focused on the last words he had heard from the voice within...

"I know what I must do... She won't give me the world I desire... If I want a world like the one I wish, I have to make it for myself." He said to himself after he saw Sky's boot vanish behind the rift.  Phalanx looked at it, apprehensively. Was that world really what he was after? Or did these alternate realms perhaps hold the key to his success? At least, In Alternate Penecia, He at least didn't have to worry about dealing with SE.RA.PH anymore... But perhaps... A different tone was needed from him... Maybe he shouldn't pursue to end The Shadow of Richard Dorsey's life... But rather join him... It didn't take a genius to see what the guy was planning, now that the voice had made itself known to him. Ah, how things could change so quickly. It was quite exciting, really...

After a couple of minutes, Phalanx walked into the rift in front of him, keeping both Cassiel and her wish forgotten... Now, his blind eyes had finally begun to see... He needed to get to work. And it all started with visiting an old enemy of his. The time had come for him to bury the hatchet, and begin anew... Oh, how he wished things were different. Repairing relations with them was certainly not going to be easy, especially not considering the man in question resided on Rhode Island, miles away from Azores... Oh well, there wasn't much he could about that, except traveling there himself. Phalanx had never been to the Main Headquaters of SE.RA.PH industries before... So perhaps this could do him some good. In the end, he would gain a very powerful ally on his side, if everything went according to plan... He would bring pain and suffering upon all those who would dare oppose him. "Tch... I've had enough of this wretched place... The world is about to change... forever."


Strengthening the Deal - END


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PostSubject: Re: Strengthening the deal (Phalanx and Gran-Chan)   

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Strengthening the deal (Phalanx and Gran-Chan)
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