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 Rin Akinyi's Social Link Board of Chillitude

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PostSubject: Rin Akinyi's Social Link Board of Chillitude   Tue Mar 31, 2015 6:35 pm

Potential Social Links:

Mae Iharu: Magician (6): Numb

Hyde Mizumi: Strength (5): A haunted galaxy

Sharaku Rikei: Jester (5): Stars Align

Julian Remming: Devil: Siren's Song


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PostSubject: Re: Rin Akinyi's Social Link Board of Chillitude   Tue Mar 31, 2015 6:43 pm

Social Links:

"I'm weak... But I'll still move forward... That's all I can do..."


Lia Abate

Rank One:
"She's like, the ring leader of the circus and all! She's hella cool! She even fought Blood Bag before she got her head spirit thingy... She and I got hella tired after Blood Bag boiled away 'n stuff... Hope she's aight... I know I ain't right now... Maybe birds of a feather and that jazz..."


Sharaku Rikei

Rank One:
"He's a gent... A nice one too... He's spose to be the DJ's stalker she guesses... Eh, he bought her a drink so he's aight in her book."

Rank Two:
"Eesh... He's hard to understand at times... But yah, he's definitely a gent and nice guy... He knows things though! I just hope he doesn't hide anything from me... I kinda sorta really need to know... Ya know?"

Rank Three:
"Mm... Well... Whatever, it was probably me just being weird or something... Apparently everyone in our group knows Japanese though... Er, weird coincidence I guess... Eh, whatever, I'll just apologize later just in case... Maybe he won't take it the wrong way...?"

Rank Four:
"I suppose we get each other now... Plus, he accepted my apology! So, all in all, a good meeting. Hopefully we'll work together well in the future."


Mae Iharu

Rank One:
"She's a nice kid, and an amazing singer! The DJ and Mae-ae are gunna jam soon! Can't wait! It'll be sooo raaaad... I... Kinda wonder if she really wants to be my friend or not..."

Rank Two:
"She's like... A real friend, ya know? She saw somethin most people don't see about the DJ... Um, I gotta call her later... Soon, soon..."

Rank Three:
"She heard my fight with father dearest and... I began to doubt everything... She reminded me of what's important and I owe so much to her because of it..."

Rank Four:
"So she's got a persona, yo... My team's probably going to fall apart without me even knowing... I hope she and I could maybe work together..."

Rank Five:
"She's the only one truly reliable right now... I trust her completely right now... We're going to give humanity one more chance to improve itself... Now, time to bring her to Asha Vatishta."

Rank Six:
"... I'm so tired... But... I won't give up now... I'll wake up soon and continue moving forward... Mae'll be by my side as well... That's good..."


Quinn Ayers

Rank One:
"So, like, a fellow persona user... They seem odd, ya know? But, it don't matter... They wanna help DJ out when she needs them so... Gunna hold them to their word."


Blaez Wynter

Rank One:
"Chance encounter yo. Blaezy seems chill though... Who knows, we might run into each other again."

Rank Two:
"Heh, met him once more within Lunapa. He's neat... I guess I gotta play the piano for him... Cool, I guess."

Attendant Leo

Rank One:
"He's a Velvet Attendant in those blue door things. It was really nice to get to know some things, ya know? Well... DJ owes him a concert visit so hope he don't mind the festivities~!"


Jack Rannells

Rank One:
"He's still weird but... A lot less of a creep than I originally thought... He better not go and die with his crazy antics..."


Rinna Lauderdale

Rank One:
"She was fiery, and only one of two other people to enter the academy as soon as we got those doors opened. I respect her for that, but whether to trust her or not is up in the air, really..."


Dani Impel

Rank One:
"Oh he's so sweeeet! Squee~! The DJ can't wait to meet him again! Oh! And they're going to go on a date! The DJ needs to make sure it's perfect! Oh... The DJ's never felt this way before... She's all flushed and gets red in the face when she thinks of him... Does he like the DJ as much as I like him...?"

Simon Alba

Rank One:
"Glasses was there when the circus got turned into hell... He helped us all out in tryin to stop Blood Bag... I don't get why he wouldn't let any of us go to the police office with him though... Kinda annoying... I wanna ask him next time I see him..."

Joshua Bae

Rank One:
"He may be a good kid... But, I don't know... He was near Ananke when it all happened so he may be just as misguided as the rest... Who knows...?"


Hyde Mizumi

Rank One:
"A nice kid... A bit of a show off if ya ask the DJ though~. He's Merman now, though, so here's to hopin' we meet again!"

Rank Two:
"I'm glad he was there to help me out... I just hope I can learn to trust him more in the future... We'll hopefully jam soon... Maybe I'll tell him then..."

Rank Three:
"I'll do my best to show him what family really means... I'll be the best older sister I can... I just hope his heart isn't confused by all of this..."

Rank Four:
"... I know I love him, but, true love knows patience... I was selfish then, but, now I'll wait... If Hyde loves me, then he'll tell me... Until then, I'll be patient and wait."

Hanged Man

Oki Akumura

Rank One:
"He... She... It is such a sweet thing. The DJ likes it and really can't wait to take her on a field trip! Hopefully he'll like the music the DJ wannas play for her... Mm! Can't wait!"

Rank Two:
"Oki was at the circus before all hell broke loose... Geez... What would have happened to me if he wasn't there...? She kinda saved my life and stuff... They're part of whatever the hell is going on here and... I feel like I can like... Really trust it..."

Rank Three:
"We're sisters now... Nothing can stop us from keeping each other safe... That's a promise."

Rank Four:
"We're family, yo. It doesn't matter what happens to this team of ours... We'll still stick together... Right? Yah, of course. There's no doubt in my mind. After all, we're sisters... Ya know?"


Kazuya Fujiwara

Rank One:
"He's an idiot... But, a strong idiot. Maybe he'll grow with time, but who knows? He seems uncooperative though... Oh well... No point in focusing on him now."


Shunnosuke Kurosawa

Rank One:
"He seems nice, yo... Maybe the start of a nice friendship."


Rita Arisato

Rank One:
"I dunno her name... Been calling her a female Silver an all... She seems zeta close to Ms. Circus... Kinda like sisters and shiz... She was super strong when fightin Blood Bag! She even beat that weird cursey thingy! Respect, man... Kinda gotta catch her name... Might catch her in the hospital before they discharge her..."

Rank Two:
"I get the feeling she's trying too hard to be a good leader, ya know? Eh, oh well... I dunno if I could do any better if I was in her situation... Mm, hopefully she'll learn to rely on us... Or me... Does she even trust me...? Hm..."

"... My faith in her is thin at best. I have no idea what she's thinking... If she does anything else that proves she's unreliable, then there's no point in furthering this 'relationship.' It's harsh, but necessary."

Interlude Two:
"There's nothing to say... I don't know if we'll ever see eye to eye... I don't care though... It doesn't concern me any more..."


The Guardians of Humanity

Rank One:
"Stupid Blood Bag! Ruining the circus and makin hell out of an awesome day... Man, people where so flippin happy too! He tried to hurt us... He tried to hurt people that just wanted to be happy for once in their lives... I ain't gunna allow Blood Bag to hurt people... I ain't gunna allow anyone to hurt people... I felt like I was gunna stay here longer than expected... And ey, DJ's gunna stay till her guitar axe is driven through Blood Bag's skull! Ain't that a show you ain't gunna wanna miss! Jus wait... I'll get strong enough to protect them people he wants to hurt... I ain't alone either."

Rank Two:
"Aight aight! A plan in motion stays in motion or something like that! We're a team now, we're gunna work out our nicks and become super strong, yo! I just hope the angel'll be nice to me, yo... I don't wanna be the weak link to the team because I couldn't befriend an angel..."

Rank Three:
"Humanity isn't ready for this event... I've seen that now... I know what I must do now. There's no changing my mind, even if I'm flawed. I'll give this world just one more chance, and if it fails again, then there's no point in ever giving it hope. This is the path I've chosen... This is what must be done..."


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PostSubject: Re: Rin Akinyi's Social Link Board of Chillitude   Tue Mar 31, 2015 6:51 pm

Proof of Ranks:

Social Links Formed:
Sharaku Rikei: Jester: You Know It!
Mae Iharu: Magician: Aight Aight Aight!
Dani Impel: Hermit: A new look sure why not?
Oki Akumura: Hanged Man: A new look sure why not?
Lia Abate: Fool: A Chance to Cheer Up
Simon Alba: Hermit: A Chance to Cheer Up
Rita Arisato: Sun: A Chance to Cheer Up
The Guardians of Humanity: Judgement: A Chance to Cheer Up
Quinn Ayers: Priestess: Corner Guitarist
Blaez Wynter: Emperor: Beachside Guitarist
Hyde Mizumi: Strength: Sun tanning
Attendant Leo: Emperor: Ship Wrecked
Jack Rannells: Chariot: Shake It Off
Shunnosuke Kurosawa: Star: Idols
Joshua Bae: Hermit: Bloody Academy
Kazuya Fujiwara: Temperance: Bloody Academy
Rinna Lauderdale: Justice: Bloody Academy

Rank Ups:
Oki Akumura (2): Hanged Man: A Chance to Cheer Up
Mae Iharu (2): Magician: Jam Session!
Sharaku Rikei: Jester (2): Counting Stars
Hyde Mizumi: Strength (2): Die In A Fire
Rita Arisato: Sun (2): The Way we've Grown
The Guardians of Humanity: Judgement (2): The Way we've Grown
Blaez Wynter: Emperor (2): Butterfly
The Guardians of Humanity: Judgement (3): Bloody Academy
Mae Iharu: Magician (3): Some Kind of Monster
Oki Akumura: Hanged Man (3): Your Adventure Log Has Vanished!
Sharaku Rikei: Jester (3): The Way we've Grown
Hyde Mizumi: Strength (3): A band of bards
Oki Akumura: Hanged Man (4): The Way we've Grown
Mae Iharu: Magician (4): Shopping Spree!
Hyde Mizumi: Strength (4): Pure Sunlight
Sharaku Rikei: Jester (4): Humanity
Mae Iharu: Magician (5): Our Design
Mae Iharu: Magician (6): The End of an Era

Thread Graveyard:
Asha Vatishta: ???: The Passive Musician's Talk
Kouhei Rin, Judge of Hell, Paradise and Purgatory: Temperance: Bronze Whale
Attendant Jinx: Lovers: A Not So Purrfect Day
Dani Impel: Hermit (2): Hey Brother

Character Development Threads:
Farewell Song


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PostSubject: Re: Rin Akinyi's Social Link Board of Chillitude   Tue Mar 31, 2015 7:19 pm


Yuki Akiyama

Rin's formal, stern, and traditional Japanese mother. She's the heir of a multinational company stationed in Japan and moved to America for business purposes. She married Rin's father purely out of beneficial gain and seemingly nothing more. Arguably she's the closer parent to the DJ as she will usually call her to make sure she is fine. Like Rin's father though, she strongly disagrees with her wild and seemingly mad adventure, wishing she'd come home and be the head and face of her company one day. She currently lives in Japan with the rest of her family.

Taylor Akinyi

Rin's very blunt and genius father. He's the reason why her parent's became divorced in the first place but was also the one that pushed the Rin to excel in school. Her feelings towards him are limited due to the verbal abuse he gives her. He's stern and a control freak, hating that his wife and child both refused to do as he said when he said it. Arguably, Rin wishes for her father's approval more than her mother's due to the distance they have towards each other combined with the verbal abuse he targets against her.

Calvin Baker

Rin's father like manager. He used to be a former guitarist for an up and coming band but left due to creative differences. He was hired by a music producing company due to his interesting taste of music and 'hip new ears.' He caught wind of Rin's expertise on the turntables and hounded her down to be his first record deal. The two grew very close on the Rin's first tour across America; the paparazzi saying the two are a love struck pair. Rin relies on him a lot and wouldn't know what to do without him at times. Hands down the closest person too her. He is currently living with Rin in Lunapa upon their trip to Azores to produce her first record.

Mallory Smith

The secretary of the Rin's and Calvin's music studio. She's the back bone of the place and works to keep everything in order as best she can. She's possibly the most mature person Rin knows and respects her despite the sisterly relationship the two hold. She's a native to Azores and has worked at the studio before it ever became Calvin's. She's a bit of a workaholic but never hesitates to join a jam session with Calvin and Rin. She plays the piano exceptionally well and has even played in a few of Rin's shows.

Dustin Smith

Dustin is the eight year old son of Mallory and her deceased husband. He is a quiet boy, though, one who commonly runs away and hides from his mother. He's considered a trouble maker and doesn't do well in school. He's anti social and a bit of an introvert, only hanging out with kids who are equally as bad as him. His wild antics have gone so far as too land him in jail a few times. It's safe to say his life isn't heading down a right path and his mom worries about him constantly because of this.


Pico is Calvin's pet puffin and longest companion. He's an odd bird, rarely leaving his master's side even though he's known for loving the freedom of flying and the likes. He's been with Calvin sense he was newly hatched, growing up with Calvin and even being the mascot of Calvin's band before it broke up. Upon Calvin becoming a music manager and chasing after the new DJing Idol known as Rin, Pico was the one that actually found Rin that fateful day in the music college. Rin and Pico share a nice relationship, though its obvious he prefers Calvin over her and the others.


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PostSubject: Re: Rin Akinyi's Social Link Board of Chillitude   

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Rin Akinyi's Social Link Board of Chillitude
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