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 Valentines Date [Julian]

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PostSubject: Re: Valentines Date [Julian]   Mon Jul 13, 2015 6:28 pm

    "But-" Trinny opened and closed her mouth a few times as if thinking of a rebuttal before turning away with a "Hmph..." and puffed cheeks. The little girl crossed her arms over her chest, drawing her lips into a thin line. After a moment, however, she looked back up at Casper with narrowed eyes and pointed at him. "Don't even think this is over."

    Casper went cross-eyed looking at Trinny's finger. Of course, the moment she turned away, he blinked slowly before leaning an arm on Mae's shoulder and whispering to her, "I dunno whatchu did, but thanks Candy~!" With that he stood up straight and strtched his arms above his head, watching the ferris wheels slowly rotate overhead.

    ...Huh? Was that what she was worried about? Not being interesting? Shaking his head slightly with a smile, Julian focused on the pink-haired girl. "Mae, you are most definitely not boring me. I'm having a lot of fun, and I hope you are too." He paused to laugh slightly. "Of course, I hope I'm not the one boring you?" He wasn't the liveliest person he knew, but he was hardly a stick in the mud either. Hopefully today was going well for Mae as well. It would kind of suck if he was the only one having a good time. That kind of defeated the point of a date, didn't it?


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Jerry the Maid


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PostSubject: Re: Valentines Date [Julian]   Fri Jul 17, 2015 7:50 am

"Good." Mae smiled at Trinny. The little girl did remember their deal. As long as she could use it to stop spats when they arose, there shouldn't be any problems. "Hehe, don't mention it, Cas. I have my ways~" She would give Trinny a subtle wink when the others weren't looking. She was a nice kid, deep down. She just had trouble showing it to everyone else. Maybe once you got a little closer, she would soften up a bit. "I hope you two are having fun so far?" She would then ask the duo. "That's why we're here, no?"

Mae couldn't help but blush a little bit, as she smiled warmly at Julian. "Phew... I guess I'm just a little worried, that's all. But I'm having a lot of fun!" Even the weather seemed to share Mae's opinion on the matter. The sun was shining, and not a single cloud within sight. "N-No... Of course not! Ehehe.." She would giggle sheepishly afterwards, fidgeting awkwardly. "You're quite interesting."

The group eventually made their way through the queue and they walked into their gondol, numbered 9. Mae sat down next to Julian and awaited for the ride to start. The gondol shook lightly before the ferris wheel started moving. Mae looked out the window, and was astonished by the beautiful view she saw. "Wow... Just look at that." The sun's reflection was dancing gleefully on the ocean's waves, flickering like small fireflies. "I'm so glad I came to Azores, you know. I was a little hesitant leaving all my friends and loved ones back in Japan, and I miss them every day. Yet... a part of me doesn't want to leave Azores now. It's... my home now." She would savor this moment, as she knew it wouldn't last very long. This view... definetely gave her an interesting perspective on things.

"I... Don't wanna leave. Ever."


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PostSubject: Re: Valentines Date [Julian]   Wed Aug 05, 2015 11:37 pm

    When asked if they'd been having fun, Trinny offered a curt nod an Casper an energetic bounce of the head coupled with a wide smile. "C'mon, of course I am!" the blonde exclaimed, resting his arm on Mae's shoulder. "A day at an amusement park with with my best friend and two lovely ladies? What else could make this day any better?"

    "Three extra inches so you could ride the Daredevil?" Julian smirked, easily taking a step back when Casper took a light, playful swing at him. Casper was tall enough, of course, but his height had been a running gag between the two since they were young. It wouldn't be a proper day at the park without one lighthearted dig.

    Still chuckling over their brief encounter, the four of them boarded the car. Trinny sat daintily net to Mae, craning her nex over the pinkette's shoulder to see the view. Casper sat next to Julian, slinging an arm across the back of his seat and glancing out all of the windows, seemingly more focused on the ride itself rather than the picturesque view. Julian sat between Mae and Casper, calming observing everything. Rides like this had never been at the top of his list, but he enjoyed their charm all the same. Besides, this was a good ride to go on in order to kill time so their food could settle. The last thing he wanted was for anyone to throw up on this trip. Awkardness and bad times all around there.

    Binking in surprise, the blond tilted his head. "You didn't tell me you were from Japan, Candy."

    "She moved here a few months ago." Julian responded automatically. A moment later, he smiled sheepishly at Mae. "Whoops. Sorry." It wasn't his place to answer for her. What if she wanted something to remain private? He shouldn't share without her consent.

    Trinny looked back at the three teens, popping her neck audibly in the process. Unfazed at the loud sound and apparently in no pain, she plowed on. "Japan? ...Now I really don't get your aversion to e-mail, Mae. I thought the Japanese were tech-savvy?" She let out a breathy little sigh and shook her head. "I suppose I shouldn't judge...but still."


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Jerry the Maid


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PostSubject: Re: Valentines Date [Julian]   Thu Aug 27, 2015 11:06 am

"Glad to hear it!" Mae smiled happily back at Casper and Trinny. Nice to see she wasn't the only one having fun here. That was kind of the point of going here in the first place, not mentioning anything about Casper's... manuevers.

"The... Daredevil?" Mae asked curiously. She assumed it was one of the many rides here... But it never hurt to ask. For all she knew, it could be an attraction in America. In the current context, both were plausible. But oh well.

"Hehe, enjoying the view, Trinny?" Mae asked, looking at the little girl. She seemed to enjoy it, despite this being somewhat slower than usual. Mae took this time to get a good view of the park. While at the top, everyone else below them looked like tiny ants running around feverishly. It certainly gave Mae a new perspective on things. "So... When did you two come to Azores? How long are you staying?" Mae asked Trinny and Casper, to strike up some form of conversation. Silence was nice at times, but... it just seemed awkward here.

"Ehehe... Don't worry about it. But yes. I moved here from Miyazaki back in December... almost January, If I'm not mistaken..." Time really had flown out the window since then. So much had happened... And now, look at what was happening. How she had been worried about not getting any friends when she moved here was beyond her. "Well, I just felt like being a bit more... traditional for a change." That was all there was to it, really. Nothing more, nothing less. Ayane and the rest hopefully apprechiated the card she had sent. Hopefully they would reply soon... That would be great. "As far as us being tech-savy goes... I'm not sure where you got that from..." Mae chuckled lightly. Sure, Japan was a bit technologically advanced, but that didn't mean that everyone were into that sort of thing.


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PostSubject: Re: Valentines Date [Julian]   

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Valentines Date [Julian]
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