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 Prisoners of a Storm (Daniel/Oki)

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PostSubject: Re: Prisoners of a Storm (Daniel/Oki)   Wed Feb 25, 2015 5:50 pm

The distraction worked more or less in Oki’s favor even if the initial attacks missed their target or didn’t do much damage to the woman. Oki didn’t calculate instant defeat for the woman or even a huge damage. That wasn’t its purpose. It only had wanted to distract her enough to get closer to her for a pin rather than attack….and to a degree the planned worked.

Sure it didn’t get the cuffs off Dani, but that just prove how sturdy the things were. In any case, Oki managed to get up close to the woman, but the woman was no push over. As expected, she fought back. There was a moment of struggle between the pair as the woman moved about and managed to get her foot between herself and Oki. The kick was not fully expected, so as Oki let go of the woman and tried to back pedal back to avoid the move, the kick did still managed to hit causing the being to stumble backwards in response.

Stopping itself and using its wings for balance, Oki rubbed the stinging spot on its chin as it looked over at the woman with a frown of displeasure as her gun reappeared once more in her hand. She was ready to fight once more. Was there really no way of getting through to this woman? Was she that bent on destroying what she did not trust that she could not see reason?

It certainly appeared that way.

As the woman spoke about Hyde and her dream, Oki sighed lightly as its shoulder slumped slightly.

“Unbelievable,” Persephone muttered as she shook her head with a sigh of agitation. Yeah. It was unbelievable this situation was. Oki was on its last leg doing what it could to stay alive against an opponent that was way more powerful than itself. It was running out of options, but it simply could not die…not yet…not while Dani was vuner—huh?

A voice and a strange presence filled the room, warm and serene despite the bloodlust in the air. A woman was speaking to the one that was attacking, telling her something that Oki actually agreed with. It was true. A world of peace was a noble goal, but to create it one didn’t always have to choose the violent road, but even more importantly than that no one had to go down that path alone. There were many people out there, all different, but at times with like-minded ideas. All one had to do was open up and allow something different in and then watch what could grow from such an action.

Red eyes would look towards the ceiling for a bit as the invisible woman spoke before those red orbs drifted back to Red Storm. It appeared that what was said had gotten to the woman. She was hesitating again despite having her weapon pointed directly at the being. She was shaking and thinking…and then her lips were parting and she was speaking.

The being took in the words carefully churning what was being said before making a decision of its own. Dismissing Persephone, the bear would twirl and become a charm that hung on its clothing once more as the being’s position relaxed slightly as it shifted its wings lightly to ease some throbbing pains.

“Your goal is reasonable enough to stand behind. We will join you,” Oki said in calm tones. It pretty much knew that it was signing itself over to perhaps servitude, but that really didn’t matter. What mattered were two things: one if things went well , then it and Dani would be free and two…it now perhaps had an ally that lined up exactly with its thoughts for a perfect world. In any case, Oki had made its choice now it would just have to see what became of it.
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PostSubject: Re: Prisoners of a Storm (Daniel/Oki)   Thu Feb 26, 2015 12:39 am

She looked at the two, and her weapon would he holstered in her side. So they agreed to join her? Perhaps this world could be fought for. Death was assured, but perhaps these people could agree with their world. Did that mean those who wielded the power of Persona were not all disgusting? She was understandably torn, because of every single person she has killed, and the young man who set this all into motion. Maybe in the midst of all the scum there is a glimmer of hope. Could it change her perspective on their kind? Most likely not in her lifetime. But if they were willing to help, why would she say no?

The Angel on the other hand was pleased. Whether the Red Storm chose to interpret her goals one way or another, she merely wanted what this woman; Helen wanted; a world of peace and love, well-earned. Humans were naturally going to stretch it into something for themselves, which did not bother her at all. They wouldn’t see it, but the Angel would be weeping inside; and the pure joy that was released from the depths of her heart was unmatched by the purest of lights. Oki and Dani would feel the Angel’s presence with them, and in Daniel in particular, he could see images surfacing within his mind; images that were of the fight that happened after he fell unconscious, images of the Red Storm stepping down like Daniel had tried to make him do, and a voice would sound in his mind. He was not awake, but it was in his dreams yet he knew it was very real.

“My name is Deva. I among other Angels are in this ordeal to see what Humanity wants to change into, and grant their wish.” The Angel spoke in his mind and Oki’s. “This woman can be your ally. She fights for my world, a world without suffering, a world where everyone can rely on emotion to be happy. Is this a world that you wish to follow?” she would ask. They only needed to respond out loud, or in Dani’s case, think in his mind, as he was in a lucid state brought back to a degree by this being. They both had powers that did not come from any god, but if they agreed to join this Angel and the Red Storm, who has taken her own way of interpreting this wish, they would be aligned with this being, finally given someone to watch over their existence.
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PostSubject: Re: Prisoners of a Storm (Daniel/Oki)   Thu Feb 26, 2015 11:46 am

Oki was still after saying its words unsure of what the woman before it was going to do. There was a tense silence between them and then the woman was holstering her weapon. While Oki was sure that the woman would stick to her own ways and ideas just like it would stick to its own ways, by a miracle and through divine intervention, the two opposites were at least seeing eye-to-eye on one thing: the world of peace without fighting. Oki understood there would be many more struggles to come, but it would simply have to face them to gain this world they both sought. The being understood it would have to work with different people of different mindsets and ideals, but as long as they could work towards the same goal, then the world they sought could be reached. This moment here was a step forward towards that world.

While Oki and the woman may not be able to see eye-to-eye with how to achieve the same goal it appeared…or rather felt that the presence in the room was quite happy with what had occurred. Oki couldn’t explain it as this warm presence filled its body and the strange voice from before began to speak once again.

She introduced herself as Deva. She said was an angel. One of many that was in a some sort of ordeal to see what Humanity wanted to change into and then grant the wish that was born from it all. It all seemed rather far-fetched and surreal, but having met someone that had said similar things beforehand, Oki was able to swallow the words a bit easier than someone being just slapped in the face with such words.

Oki took the words in as crimson eyes watched the ceiling for a bit before they were leveling calmly with the woman before it. The being wasn’t sure what Dani was going to do, but it knew what it needed to do.

“While our methods and ideas are different from Red Storm’s, your goals and our goals line up well enough. We are willing to fight for this world of peace, love, and joy,” Oki said agreeing well enough with angel’s ideas. It really could fight for such a world, but it refused to be forced to do things any other way than its own way. It could work with the woman who almost killed it as long as she respected and accepted this simply facts. It was not a tool or servant. It was an ally and person and that is how it expected to be treated. Any other way was intolerable.

As for the other angels, well Oki would seek them out too to see how they thought and if maybe they too could be allies. There were also people it knew and didn’t know that it need to examine to see if they would follow such a goal of peace. Oki didn’t expect all to agree on the plan, but…it had to try. Besides…it had made a promise to the strange reporter to help the world, right? And that promise would not be broken. The being would keep its promise even if the goal it, Deva, and Helen sought was not reached. At least in the end, it would’ve tried its best to change things for the better. Try...that all it could do.
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PostSubject: Re: Prisoners of a Storm (Daniel/Oki)   Thu Feb 26, 2015 1:02 pm

Dani felt the strange warmth as he saw everything that occurred since he went unconscious in his mind. Dani sighed this was quite annoying "Sure I'll help bring Peace but what's the catch Deva there is always a catch, and secondly who do you work for Deva?" Dani had a feeling that this Angel Deva knew something that he didn't. Dani  stared into a black abyss that was his unconscious mind. "Hmm can I please wake up now by the way  I want to drag myself home and rest before I do anything else" Dani told a joke to lighten the mood a little bit. Dani honestly felt that it has been a long day. Dani then remembered something "Then one last thing Deva what the hell is up with my Persona why did it choose me, and why does it want to kill me?" Dani had a feeling he might not get answer but he needed to know why him. Dani was nobody important it made him generally curious he wasn't strong or smart he was some teen with issues who liked to play video games he was nobody special or important. This just made no since to him he'd spend most of his time skipping school or getting into fights or staying in his Dorm Room watching anime and playing video games. Dani was just some guy and he knew that well what was his role in all of this he needed to know why he had this Persona thing.
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PostSubject: Re: Prisoners of a Storm (Daniel/Oki)   Fri Feb 27, 2015 2:53 am

When they agreed, the pink aura would glow brighter, and they’d feel themselves align with the deity that granted them this power. They would feel themselves get a bit stronger, with some new abilities behind them. Perhaps they weren’t serving Deva directly; perhaps making the Red Storm her “champion” of sorts, but they were serving the Red Storm herself, which arguably was similar if not the same thing. Could they have just ran away to avoid signing themselves away to live? No one could say, but they had talked, and talked, and eventually it seemed to get through both. In their heads, they could see an image of a woman, floating and clasping her hands together with a bright eager smile.

Daniel Receives:

Oki Receives:

"Yay yay yay! I just know you'll do the right thing. If you follow her wish, she will bring about her world. A world we can all share for joy, pathos and happiness, like me! I am feeling all sorts of fuzzy, thorny and fun right now. I serve your Creator; the one who has been responsible for the birth of Humanity since we began. I am so excited for you! It makes me happy that you are alive, angry that it isn't over yet, and sad you're hurt! Love and hate are just natural so don't be afraid to feel okay?  Should you find control over your power, know that it has given you a purpose to save this world. Good luck, and sleep well!" She said very enthusiastically using multiple tones before her presence began to thin out and dissipate; though it would be easier to sense around the location where they were. They seemed to realize that this place was where Deva was watching...or at least, they could feel her power here. The Red Storm looked to Oki, as Daniel even after accepting the power was still out cold from the fight. "Helen Yaadro. That is my name. I know this may seem heartless of me, but even though we are allies, I cannot let you leave just yet. I will take you into a room where you all can rest, and we can communicate. Does that sound fair?" If they complied, she would hold an arm on her weapon, and with her other hand reach into her shirt and press a button, which opened the door she came from. "Take your friend and walk out and to the left. Then three doors down make a left into that room. It will be where you will sleep tonight. I shall wake you in the morning.....sleep well..." is all she would say if they cooperated, which given how weakened Oki was, their condition if they were to attempt to retreat would be poor. Assuming they were taken into the room, the door would close and lock, leaving them in a room with two beds, a window that lead into the dim hallway, and the faint sound of club music above.

Combat Over - You Have Survived

Exp Earned - 2000 for each person who participated in the fight
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PostSubject: Re: Prisoners of a Storm (Daniel/Oki)   Sun Mar 01, 2015 9:51 pm

It was habit to look upward at the ceiling by now whenever Oki heard Deva’s voice. Sure, it was probably not necessary, but it was the only thing that made logical sense to the being at the moment. Deva seemed happy as her power easily flowed through the being and the charm that held Persephone. The angel briefly showed herself to the being and probably Dani too as she spoke of a variety of emotions before mentioning fulfilling the gun lady’s dream. She said she was excited about the future and that now Oki and Dani just might have a purpose if they could learn to master their powers. She looked and seemed so hopeful as she bid them to sleep well before hiding herself once more; however, her presence lingered everywhere about them.

It was comforting and warm. A presence the old being wanted to sink into and just rest, but the being could not do that just yet. It was still in the room with the strange lady that had almost killed them. As tired crimson eyes locked on its new ally, the being would take in the words it heard.

It’s eyes narrowed slightly as its mind took in the words carefully. So they were not to go home then, eh? Well, the being suppose that was expected considering that even if they were allies, they were still strangers. Besides, the woman didn’t seem to be the type to simply drop her ways so easily, even if she was a bit nicer than before.

Blinking lightly at the other, the being opened its mouth and responded.

“Fair enough. My name is Oki Akumura and the boy’s name is Dani. Here’s to getting along better in the future,” the being said calmly and then became quiet as it watched the woman’s movement. When she pulled out the strange device that opened the door and gave her instructions, Oki nodded lightly at the woman before turning to retrieve Dani.

Scooping the child up gently, Oki would head towards the door pausing next to woman briefly as it asked one question.

“Can he be free of his restraints too?”
it would ask and then wait long enough to see if a reaction would occur. Whether or not Dani was freed, Oki would leave the room and follow the directions given. It had no intention of breaking any commands at the moment. It honestly didn’t have the energy and it was not in Oki's nature to turn against allies without a reason.

The room they were given was a simple room with two beds and a window that looked out into the dim hallway. As Oki entered and the door closed and locked, the being hesitated for only a second in the middle of the room listening to the music from above before shifting its weight and taking Dani over to the bed to the left side of the room.

Laying him down and making the child as comfortable as it could, the being would remove his glasses and fold them neatly before tucking them in a safe spot near the unconscious boy.

“Sorry, I pulled you into this kid,”
the being would say softly as it watched the sleeping boy for a moment before retreating to its own bed. Sitting on the edge of it, Oki would take off its boots before scooting into the corner of the bed and pulling its legs close to it as it sat. It would keep an eye on Dani as it stayed in its corner its body slowly coming down off the high of battle turning it back into its original form.

As the extra energy wore off, Oki felt even more tired, but somehow it managed to stay awake for a while longer before slowly it began to drift off into a troubled sleep. It was worried about what was to come next for them and if this room would become a prison for them. On top of that, it wondered just how much this would shift its relationship with the few people it did know. Would it strain the relationships or make them into something pleasant?

And what of Dani? How would it impact him?

The questions would torment the being as it tried to sleep and to make things worse, Oki kept feeling a stingy sensation on its back that kept it from going into deep sleep for many long moments. When the annoying stinging finally ended, Oki was finally able to truly sleep as its head bowed onto its knees and its body went slack. The only thing that kept it sitting was the balance of weight as it slept.

As the being remained sleep, the charm that held Persephone slipped off its hook and fell silently on the bed vanishing in a small cloud of blackness that quickly moved to sweep over the area on Oki’s back that had been stingy earlier. If one were to lift up the being’s shirt, they would see there a odd tattoo of a masked fox with nine tails wielding an odd sword in its mouth covering most of the skin. The eyes on the fox seemed to be alive for a brief moment as the last remains of the shadow sunk into the tatoo and then even the tattoo was becoming still for the night.

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PostSubject: Re: Prisoners of a Storm (Daniel/Oki)   Tue Mar 03, 2015 2:58 pm

Oki, Daniel, and Helen have all formed a social link with one another...


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PostSubject: Re: Prisoners of a Storm (Daniel/Oki)   

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Prisoners of a Storm (Daniel/Oki)
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