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 Christian White [Persona User] (Complete)

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PostSubject: Christian White [Persona User] (Complete)   Sat Oct 25, 2014 10:33 pm

Christian White
"The closer I get to death, the less I fear it."

The Biography

Birth Name: Christian White
Aliases: Chris
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birth Day: July 5
Arcana: Death
Evoker: Tarot Card – Chris cuts the tarot card in half and the pieces shatter
Place of Residence: Zela Academy Dorms
School Year: Second Year
Class: 2-B

After School Club:  Athletics Club (Football) and Martial Arts Club (Wrestling)

Part Time Job: None

Appearance: Chris is about 5’9” (175cm) and a solid 200lbs (91kg).  Chris has an athletic and muscular frame.  His shoulders are broad, his neck is large, and his arms are cut, but he has a somewhat slim form.  His face is somewhat childish.  He can grow facial hair but he chooses not to.  Chris’s hair is long and curly.  Most of the curls are on the edges, while the rest looks slightly messy.  His haircut could be described as a mop.  His hair color ranges from light brown/dark blonde in the sun and dark brown in the evening.  Chris has chilling blue-gray eyes with large irises and large pupils.  Chris looks to be of primarily, if not exclusively, Caucasian descent.

As far as dress goes, Chris chooses to wear a school uniform even though it is not required.  He claims that the uniform makes his life simpler. Chris’s uniform consists of black pants, a white button up shirt, and a black coat. After school, Chris continues to wear his uniform, unless he is training for sports.  When he is training for sports he wears a pair of Zela Academy warmups.  On the weekends, he finds it easy to just wear a Zela Academy track jacket and a pair of khaki pants.   Chris’s outfit isn’t complete without his neon blue earbud headphones.

Personality: Chris has a primarily kind personality towards others.  Chris puts others before himself and often thinks about the wellbeing of others while neglecting his own.  Chris is also very lonely.  He has no friends, but he is open to begin relationships with anyone.  Deep down, he is homesick and hates it at Zela Academy.  He doesn’t hate Zela Academy because of real reason other than the fact that it isn’t the school he had gone to his entire life and he isn’t with the people he has known his entire life.  

Chris can also go through pretty bad mood swings.  His mother’s passing left him lonely and depressed in a foreign land, but he still tries to make the best of it.  He helps others in hopes of getting to know them.  He also plays sports to help improve his self-confidence, which can become dangerously low.  Chris’s criticism, despite doing some damage, has helped him strive to better himself in all aspects of life. Ultimately, he is a good guy going through a rough time.

The Potential

Strengths: (Anything your character is skilled in, such as Martial Arts/ Drawing/ etc? You are allowed a maximum of five strengths and a minimum of three.)

Strength Name: Quick Feet
Description: Due to his constant training and prolonged workout session, Chris has developed a certain lightness on his feet, which allows his body to react quickly and out of instinct to avoid dangers.  Chris’s quick feet prove to be a real asset on the football field and the wrestling mat.

Strength Name: Charging Bull
Description:  Chris has always been strong, but after years in the weight room he has turned into something different altogether.  Chris can move most things, and some say that they saw him pick up the back of a van, but that is just a rumor, right…?  Either way, his muscular prowess has been a great benefit to his athletic career.

Strength Name: Stoic
Description: Chris is able to keep his feelings suppressed no matter how strong they are.  Few people can guess how he is feeling at any particular moment.  Chris uses his stoicism to hide his feelings from others and disguise his thoughts.

Strength Name: Introspective
Description: Chris often weighs the consequences of his decisions critically before he takes action.  Chris will rarely act on impulse.  The only times that Chris will act haphazardly is when another person’s life is at stake.  Chris also reflects on the decisions he makes to determine how he succeeded or failed in a certain situation.

Strength Name: Regulated Fearlessness
Description:  Chris is afraid of nothing, but is wise enough to know when others are at risk.  Chris will always choose to avoid a fight that could harm a friend, no matter how weak the enemy appears to be.  Chris believes that there is no point to winning if everyone cannot live to fight another day.

Weaknesses: (You must have the same amount of weaknesses as strengths. These weaknesses pertain to you and not your Persona. IE: Physically Weaker, lack of attention span, etc.)

Weakness Name: Asthmatic
Description: From an early age, Chris has struggled with asthma, but he tries to not let it hold him back.  Chris’s asthma seems to only act up after vigorous exercise, but when it does act up, his muscles become tired and his lungs tighten.  Usually Chris isn’t pushed to this point in his sports, but sometimes it comes up.

Weakness Name: Low Swinger
Description: Chris has his middles and lows and very lows.  Sometimes he is so low he finds fossils. Chris is always down, but no one can really tell.  Despite his external stoicism, inside he is an emotional wreck that just might snap at any moment.  

Weakness Name: Overly Self-Critical
Description: When examining himself, Chris is always extremely critical of his own actions.  He feels like nothing he ever does is good enough.  He believes that he will never be able to live up to his own standards. Chris is even overly critical of his own self-criticism.  On extreme cases, he may harm himself, but on lesser cases he will just be in a really bad mood.

Weakness Name: Foreign Land
Description: Chris struggles speaking and understanding the native tongue.  Chris can hardly communicate with others, because his speech and comprehension is so poor.  Chris is not an idiot, but he grew up with a different language and picking up a new one seems impossible for him.  Chris’s struggles are not limited to language.  He also is not familiar with the culture and history of the Azores.

Weakness Name: 2+2=22?
Description:  Chris has an irrational phobia of numbers.  Math questions are his greatest weakness.  Despite various tutors, Chris has never been able to quite understand how those elusive integers work.

Soul Bound Weapon: Sickle

Weapon Name: Curved Dagger
Weapon Description: Curved Dagger looks like a typical sickle.  It has a ten inch cylindrical wooden handle that is a sleek black.  The blade curves and the inside curve is sharpened.  The metal of the blade comes to a sharp point at the end.  The blade is around fourteen inches long.  Curved Dagger is used singlehanded.
Weapon Image:
Weapon Attack Type: Slash
Weapon Element:

The Background

History: Chris was born in Sweden to two parents out of wedlock.  His mom was a young Swedish college student and his dad was an American college professor.  When Chris was born, his dad could not take the pressure of raising a child and moved to the Azores Region to teach.  This is one of the major reasons Chris is never content with who he is.  His mom was stuck raising Chris alone and she tried her hardest.

As a child, Chris was stricken with horrible allergies, leaving the house for more than an hour was potentially fatal.  Chris’s mom was forced to drop out of school and get a job.  She spent all of her free time taking care of Chris.  From an early age, Chris often chose to play alone and was excluded from groups because of his allergies.  Chris would spend his time reading and learning.  Due to his allergies, Chris was homeschooled, which his mom preferred, but she also recognized the regression of Chris’s social skills.

Slowly, Chris began to recover from his allergies, and by the time he was in primary school, he was able to go to school away from home.  During this time, Chris’s mom feared that her son was becoming lonely, so she urged him to join organized sports.  Chris obliged and joined the football and wrestling teams.  At first, Chris was pitiful at both and was often dominated by others, but with any free time that he got, Chris would practice and practice.  Within a couple of years, he was the best player on both teams, but he wasn’t satisfied.  He continued working hard.  At first, it seemed as if Chris’s mom’s plan had failed.  Chris was being picked on more than he was making friends, but one day another child began to stick up for him.  Chris and this kid, James, became best friends.  As the years passed, Chris became more and more popular.  Eventually, he was friends with everyone.   Chris passed his middle school years by dominating in sports and doing well in the classroom, aside from math.  

During Chris’s high school tenure, his mother was struck with an illness.  The doctors didn’t know what it was and they didn’t know how to cure it.  As days passed, Chris’s mom became more and more disconnected from the world.  Chris could tell at this time that his mom was going to die and he couldn’t help it.  He tried everything he could to save her.  He organized fundraisers, sent letters to medical specialists asking them to find a cure, etc. but nothing helped.  Chris watched helplessly as his mother died in front of him.  After his mother’s death, he was forced to move away from all of his friends.  All the bonds he had worked to gain were lost with one event.  He was crestfallen and heartbroken.  He blamed himself for not doing more to save his mom.

Chris moved in with his dad in the Azores Region.  Neither of the two was happy to see each other.  Chris hated his dad for not doing anything to help his mom, and Chris’s dad still wasn’t ready to raise a child, so he decided to send Chris to live at Zela Academy.  He figured it would be the best for both of them and Chris agreed.

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PostSubject: Re: Christian White [Persona User] (Complete)   Sun Oct 26, 2014 12:38 am

Wouldn't asthma prevent your character from performing such feats such as being tough and fast, or at least make it very challenging in a fight? If you are okay with this kind of handicap, then you are all approved.


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PostSubject: Re: Christian White [Persona User] (Complete)   Sun Oct 26, 2014 12:52 am

Yeah it would hinder him, but more in the long term. Such as, he gets exhausted faster or his attacks get weaker if he doesn't rest. So, the handicap was completely intentional. It's more of a motivation thing as well. He hates that he has asthma, so he tries to overcome it with intense training, but the asthma still persists. So, it's a character building handicap.
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PostSubject: Redacted   Wed Jan 20, 2016 9:21 pm

[Redacted-to be completed]

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PostSubject: Re: Christian White [Persona User] (Complete)   

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Christian White [Persona User] (Complete)
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