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 Enter New Player! Katsu! Katsu!'s first day at the Academy [Open]

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Genji Kano


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PostSubject: Re: Enter New Player! Katsu! Katsu!'s first day at the Academy [Open]   Sun Mar 10, 2013 3:58 pm

"Wait! Don't run in the halls... Dammit," Genji said as Katsu! ran down the hallways. Genji would have given chase, but it didn't seem to matter anymore. No amount of running or yelling could actually stop him at this point, so Genji gave up. It was a tiring day. No matter how hard he worked at being in his job, he couldn't do anything. He sighed loudly, glad that it was all over. Genji would have been happy, if it wasn't for the fact that Brian threw the cursed question at him. A question that Genji will have to answer truthfully, even though he kind of didn't want to.

Genji didn't like girls, he never had a time where he did like them. He knew that for a long time. But he also knew that there were some people in the world that didn't like people like Genji. He thought about what America was like in terms of gay people. America doesn't have all of the protections that Japan has on employment for gay people, but marriage is possible in some states... The population is pretty split on it, so it's a 50-50 chance. He looked at Brain and trusted that he wouldn't do anything. He decided to start off slow, though.

"I'm glad that's all over. He was going to be a trouble maker, huh? Haha. About your question about girls... I don't like girls... For the longest time, I didn't. I... I... like guys... Yeah, I'm gay. I'm not closeted, but I'm not exactly 100% open about it, either. You are one of the few people that know, so that's saying a lot. I do trust you. Hopefully you don't hate me or anything."

Genji's face was bright red. He wasn't used to doing this. He didn't know how Brian would react, but he hoped that Brian wasn't homophobic, it took a lot to actually do trust Brian with this, even though he didn't know him that well. It was a leap of faith, he just hoped that Brian wouldn't flip or react horribly to it.
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PostSubject: Re: Enter New Player! Katsu! Katsu!'s first day at the Academy [Open]   Sun Mar 10, 2013 6:39 pm

Brian was silent for a moment. He didn't expect Genji to be gay, he didn't show any real signs of it well that of which Brian could see, but he was who he was. Taking a deep breath Brian let out a loud and boisterous laugh, it reminded him of the time when his brother came out of the closet... his brother was the one who looked out for him the most so Brian couldn't find himself to hate Genji just for liking men.

Placing his hand on Genji's shoulder and gaining control of himself Brian said, "Why would I hate you for that? Honestly it doesn't matter to me whether your straight, gay, or an alien.. As long as you don't ask me to hide any gay porn in my room, we are cool. Well I have to go now I've think my teacher maybe wondering where I am"

Giving a wide grin after that last statement, Brian began to leave. As he walked away he raised his arms with his fingers outstretched to signal that he was going. The conversation made Brian miss home again... Now Brian wanted to go and see if his brothers sent him anything at the mailroom.

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Genji Kano


Posts : 362
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Age : 23
Location : Pennsylvania

PostSubject: Re: Enter New Player! Katsu! Katsu!'s first day at the Academy [Open]   Sun Mar 10, 2013 7:11 pm

Genji watched Brian go and smile. He was happy that he could trust Brian that much with his personal life. No, he wouldn't hide any porn in his room. Genji wasn't into the book stuff much, anyway. He watched him get back to his class as Genji realized that he had class to go to as well. He had an excuse for missing the whole period, but he probably should have went there anyway. Genji decided that he would postpone that for a second. He turned and faced the window. He looked out into the distance. He saw the beautiful countryside of Ueitawa. He smiled as he thought of what he did. He came out to someone, he felt very free. He didn't think about his parents or Personas for a second. He just stared out into the distance, looking out to the beautiful hills and forests, the buildings and parks, the cars and people walking. He felt happy.

[Exit Genji, watching the world]
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PostSubject: Re: Enter New Player! Katsu! Katsu!'s first day at the Academy [Open]   Mon Mar 11, 2013 4:00 pm

Genji has established a rank 2 Social link with Brian of the Fool Arcana.

Brian has established a rank 2 Social link with Genji of the Hanged Man Arcana.

Genji can now take one attack protecting Brian, and will only experience 50% of the damage...

Brian can now take one attack protecting Genji, and will only experience 50% of the damage...

Katsu! has the opportunity to establish a Social Link with Brian of the Fool Arcana if he so wants..
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PostSubject: Re: Enter New Player! Katsu! Katsu!'s first day at the Academy [Open]   

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Enter New Player! Katsu! Katsu!'s first day at the Academy [Open]
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