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 Zela Academy Clubs

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PostSubject: Zela Academy Clubs   Thu May 22, 2014 7:22 pm

The following are a list of open clubs and extracurriculars available for students to partake in. Taking part in clubs allows a student to not only gain a great range of skills but also to make a great deal of friends as well. Though taking part in club activities is encouraged students are limited to being part of two clubs at a time as requested by many students. Though any more would be pushing time management too far. The open clubs are as follows.

Sports Clubs

Athletics Club
The school’s athletic club has many options such as track and field, weights, and plenty of other various sports such as basketball, swimming, football, and soccer. Many people tend to join this club and it certainly allows for great matchups against other schools. The pride athletics of this school tends to be soccer, which always seems to dominate in rankings. Their low point however is football, which not only does not really get many members, but rarely has any games at the football stadium in Standasen, though it is like fireworks just appeared when it eventually does happen. The teams still though remain ready to go and focused on winning. Since there are not too many teachers able to watch over the club, many of the sports groups tend to be looked after by Mr. Levonne.

Martial Arts Club
For those who wanted to study taijitsu, Judo and the like, they go to this club. More people tend to go to this club than kendo due to many people thinking of it more “practical” than that of kendo. So there tends to be more members, and an overall better performance. The members there are more disciplined than other clubs as part of their rules and code going in that they must follow.

Fencing Club
A popular sport in mostly European countries, founded on medieval and Victorian combat and stylized by the honor code of chivalry. Competitors wear protective gear and wield flexible, needle-like swords to duel with the opponent in order to strike at anywhere below their head to score a point. Normally, it tends to be a two out of three or three out of five game for the two competitors. This is a popular sport in Azores, which draws many a type of people to join and compete. As such, the rankings for the school fluctuate when competing with other schools around the world. The club remains diverse and full of passion and a friendly environment of people, which remains comforting even when the team may lose.

Chess Club
A mental sport that tends to be more of a hobby than an actual sport. This seems to only have any real notoriety in Azores than any other place. Even here it is not looked at too much, yet plenty of people join and compete. Not as many members come here as much as other sports clubs, but enough to make matchups fluctuate in victories and defeats. This is actually one sports group that is managed by Mr. Alba.

Cultural Clubs

Literature Club
Literature Clubs are a popular place for book enthusiasts to gather. Though there is normally very little in club talking involved as most are avid readers they often go on outings to libraries and have been known to lend books to each other from time to time. Literature Club members have a tendency to be the reclusive smart type historically. The quiet and knowledgeable atmosphere is the main attractive point of the club though its members can range in tastes from highly escapist fiction and manga to the most detailed and confusing pieces of factual learning. The club generally doesn't have many competitions to compete in, but it's members have been known to create various novels of sorts and it's more factual members have been able to pull off some rather high ranks during scholarly events such as school exams and science fares.

Arts and Music Club
Known for being one of the most creative clubs in school the art club spends their activity time creating things that range from sculptures and paintings to banners and graphics art for the school. For the time being the music club has also been grouped with the arts club, giving the clubroom a slightly more filled feel as the musical instruments have filled some of the space the sculptures were once designated. The arts club generally draws the more creative and high achieving members of the school, protoge and eccentric alike, with a bubbly but somewhat high class attitude the club is known for their great amounts of creations. The arts club submits pieces into competitions for grading at regular intervals. As both it's musicians and artists are generally perfectionists the club has a high standing reputation of success in such competitions, raking in prize money that has bought their club such expensive equipment as marble for sculpting and a sleek grand piano for playing.

Drama Club
The other enjoyable club of the school that covers all aspects of the average play, from stagecraft, to acting, to prop-making, etc. The plays are often very well made and draw the largest crowd possible of the families of the students, faculty, and even quite a few of students who are not involved. There are no real competitions in this club, and the members are fun and goofy, yet waste no time in getting the day done.

Other Clubs

Student Government
It is a group of students that direct their club time towards the betterment of the school. Though the more important positions within the council are the class representatives there are plenty of other positions such as secretaries, vise reps and assistants that help run this student association. The discipline committee also comes under the student council, enforcing the rules of the school with hall monitoring and appropriate punishments which usually keep the students in line. The groups activities spread wide but are mostly restricted to fund raising for the school itself, reporting problems to teachers and making announcements. The club tends to attract a lot of go getters who are looking more towards future positions than their current council ones. The student council doesn't have much to compete in with their activities spent more in maintaining the school rather than competing with others. They do however set an example of the school as an advertisement by helping to organize various festival events such as sports or cultural festivals. The club is organized and run by Mr. Pelk.

Anime Club
The anime club is the schools resident club for fans of either entertainment or slacking off. Though the club doesn't require any extra skills rather than sitting and watching shows on TV the club members have a tendency to collect various other skills that they've gained interest in through the shows they love. Colorful, cheerful and usually very tired this club attracts those who probably have a lot of intelligence and potential but are too lazy to realize it. Known for making references a lot and being slightly outcast from the rest of the school this group have fun if not odd club. There are no real competitions in the club unless it’s the occasional game within the club, and cosplaying through the day is often happened though sometimes runs into drama with Student Government despite having no particular uniform due to the outfits being too revealing or distracting for the school environment.

School Press
The members of the press assisting Mr. Pelk in reporting anything relating to the school in news or anything major in Azores in general. Some members create friction with other people of clubs or some students as they can be pushy at times with questions and answers. A few members also happen to be on the Student Government Club, giving them a bit more say than other normal members of the press.
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Zela Academy Clubs
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