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 Lost opportunity (Open)

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Johnson Locke


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PostSubject: Re: Lost opportunity (Open)   Wed Jun 04, 2014 4:26 pm

Hachiro watched the boy remember portraying a grin then confusion. The boy claimed he was just looking at something, when the shopkeeper thought he was going to steal something. Alright it is a plausible explanation, and the boy said he was thinking that it would be nice having some of the stuff in the store. Perhaps his motive was greed? The boy seemed awfully defiant for it to be greed, then again, it could be the fact that he perceived the adult to better off than himself. Eh, he didn't know Jamie that well but why speculate? Apparently, the shopkeeper thought he was going to take something, and decided to chase after him. Jamie didn't come forward with this because he feared Hachiro wouldn't believe him. It made some sense given the scene Hachiro had seen, but the question that remained is why was Jamie out of all the customers in the store targeted. Browsing wasn't a crime that a clerk would be suspicious of. That was one flaw in his story, and the adult tilted his head from side to side. As if debating the story in his own head, he didn't quite buy it, but it was evident that the boy was tight lipped.

"Well given the scene I saw, I can understand you wanting to tiptoe around this question. After all, if it was a simple misunderstanding then you did nothing wrong, right? The clerk was a judgmental fool? I guess I can see why, not everyone is a good kid like you. I suppose he had his reasons for being overly suspicious, that doesn't make it right though." The adult would say scratching the back of his head, he didn't quite believe the story, but it appeared as though the boy didn't want him to know. Oh well, sometimes one had to learn to stop pressing, and he would....for now. "Alright, well it makes sense Jamie. Sorry for bugging you about it, I shouldn't be holding up a kid like you. You need to go have fun while you still can, because life only gets harder when you get older. Things become more complicated, take it from me. Go have your fun, and just keep away from that store clerk."
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PostSubject: Re: Lost opportunity (Open)   Sun Jun 08, 2014 11:10 am

Oh, now what? Was Hachiro trying to be difficult? Because he was doing a good job of it, what with that aggravating swaying of his head. What? Was he trying to build suspense or scare Jamie or something? Either way it was just annoying.

Finally, after all of that, the man agreed with his story. It wasn't that hard to swallow, now was it?  He didn't need to make such a monumental case out of this. How annoying. Still, as he spoke, Jamie let a small, hopeful smile begin to creep onto his face. At the end of Hachiro's rant, the child was positively beaming, seemingly ecstatic and pleasantly surprised he had been believed. "Dun chu wurreh mistuh, I won'!" he lifted a hand and placed it over his eyebrow in a sloppy salute, which looked charming with his wide smile. No adult had ever been able to resist this face, and it was the perfect parting gift to give this man. Now, just to add some little things...

"Buh 'earin' ya tohlk loik tha' koinda maykes meh not wanna grow up at'tol. Ah mean, lookit me, mistuh, I ain't tha' old 'n things ain' all nice 'n copper, yeah?" he held out his arms wide, emphasising his skinny frame and the obvious accessory on his face that garnered sympathy from most. "'Sides, gettin' oldah means ah c'n get biggah! 'Eh, mistuh, you fink I c'n be as big 's you when I grows up?" He blinked a few times and cocked his head curiously. There was some merit to that line. Being as big as a bloody mountain would probably garner some respect rather than this little frame Jamie had to make do with. It wouldn't really go unnoticed though, so it was impractical for his way of life.

"Anyways, I fink ah bettah go. 'S gettin' dahk, 'n ain't safe fer me to be out too late, y'know?" It was easy to shift his expression into a forced pleasant one with lingering traces of worry. It was no lie that Standasen was dangerous at night, even more so than during the day. But someone like Jamie didn't have too much of an issue navigating these streets without being seen. With another grin and wave, Jamie trotted off, calling, "See ya Mistuh 'Achurro!" as he rounded a bend. The moment Hachiro was out of sight, Jamie dropped the smile and replaced it with a frown. That idiot took so much time. Tch, now he could only pray some shop was still open. Maybe he could "find" some supper there. With that thought in mind he scurried off, intent on getting as far away from the spot as possible so as to not have to deal with that moron again.



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Johnson Locke


Posts : 562
Join date : 2013-06-24
Age : 24
Location : Still lost!

PostSubject: Re: Lost opportunity (Open)   Mon Jun 09, 2014 12:34 am

Hachiro watched the boy gleam at him with a bright smile. He seemed like a good kid, but at the same time he couldn't get over that hole in his story. Whatever, he just shouldn't care anymore, and just let the kid do what he wanted he supposed. Jamie gave him a sloppy salute, saying that he wouldn't get in trouble again or at least avoid it. The wanderer nodded, maybe he would at least try. He thought that would be the end of it, but the boy came back with something else. He made a comment about how he didn't want to grow up, and how everything wasn't all that pleasant. To emphasize this the boy gestured to his skinny frame and eye. Hadn't they already gone over this, was this another attempt to get sympathy? The boy evidently didn't realize that Hachiro wasn't one to care about such things, "You might get as big as I do, but growing up happens. Whether or not you want to or not. It's part of nature and there isn't any escaping it." He would say offering the kid a slight shrug.

The boy would say that it wasn't safe for him to be out here much longer, and that he should depart. The wanderer nodded to the young boy and waved him goodbye as he ran off. He decided that he should get going too. He got up from the bench and headed to the subway, time to return to Lunapa and get some sleep.

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PostSubject: Re: Lost opportunity (Open)   

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Lost opportunity (Open)
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